Country Throwback: Toby Keith’s ‘Me Too’ Shows Off Star’s Softer Side

by Suzanne Halliburton

Toby Keith was celebrating a nice career achievement two decades ago today. That’s the day his “Blue Moon” album went platinum, meaning it sold more than 1 million albums.

But did you know, the album also featured Toby Keith singing his first-ever romantic ballad that hit No. 1. In the song “Me Too,” Keith was raw and vulnerable, giving every man who can’t say “I Love You” a reason to play the record.

On Saturday, the official Toby Keith Instagram account wanted to acknowledge the album’s success. The account posted on Instagram:

“20 years later and that Blue Moon is still shining! On this day in 2001, Toby received a platinum award for the album Blue Moon.”

The photo on the official account was Toby Keith’s album cover. Keith is posing with a guitar in front of a blue moon. Take a look and join us on the other side for some more Me Too details, plus a video. Cause Saturday’s are for Toby Keith, aren’t they?

This Was Third Studio Album For Toby Keith

Toby Keith released “Blue Moon,” his third studio album, through the Nashville division of A&M Records in 1996. The album spawned three singles, all written by Keith.

The lead single was “Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You.” This was an older Keith song. He wrote it back in 1987 and released it then, but with an independent label. When Keith released it again in February 1996, the song peaked at No. 2 on the country charts.

The second song off the album was “A Woman’s Touch.” It got to No. 6 on the charts.

Keith Rocked The Third Single, “Me Too”

Then came “Me Too.” And with the song, Keith enjoyed the third No. 1 hit in his career. This song was Keith as the awkward man who says “Me Too” when his sweetheart says “I love you.” It’s easier to say the two words in response than the three words at the start of a sentence.

It was a big change from Keith’s first No. 1 “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” Remember those lyrics?

“I should’ve been a cowboy, I should’ve learned to rope and ride. I’d be wearin’ my six-shooter, ridin’ my pony on a cattle drive. Stealin’ the young girls’ hearts, just like Gene and Roy. Singin’ those campfire songs. Woah, I should’ve been a cowboy.”

Toby Keith even redid the music video with Dallas Cowboys images.

The second No. 1 for Toby Keith was “Who’s That Man.” In it, Keith sings about his old life. In the song, he’s driving through his old neighborhood, past his old house, with his old car in the driveway. His wife has remarried and Toby Keith is reflecting on a past life. Keith released that song in July 1994.

Need Some Help Saying “I Love You?” Check Out “Me Too” Lyrics

In “Me Too,” his third No. 1 song, tough-talking Toby Keith literally is gushy and in love. Check out some of the romantic lyrics to “Me Too.”

“If I send you roses, for no reason at all, if out of the blue, I stop and give you a call. Once in a while, it’s breakfast in bed. and then pull the covers back up over our head. If I call in sick, just to stay home with you. I want you to know, I do what I do. It’s my way of saying, what I can’t express. But I want you to know, girl I’m doing my best.”

“Ooohh I’m just a man, that’s the way I was made. I’m not too good at saying, what you need me to say. It’s always right there on the tip of my tongue. It might go unsaid, but it won’t go undone. So when those three little words come so easy to you. I hope you know what I mean when I say…Me Too.”

Surely, many a man played “Me Too” for his sweetheart. With Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe vintage Tony Keith is a good idea.

As promised, Outsider is also linking to a Toby Keith video. The video premiered on CMT, Jan. 12, 1997. We’re also giving you a little bit of trivia. This video marked the first time Keith didn’t wear a hat as he was singing. Enjoy.