Country Throwback: Travis Tritt & Charlie Daniels Crush ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ in 2018

by Atlanta Northcutt

There is a legendary musician and singer who beat the devil in a music battle in order to win Satan’s own golden fiddle. This man is, of course, the one and only Charlie Daniels. He joined up with country musician Travis Tritt to add some rock n’ roll vibes to the classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Get Ready to Rock n’ Fiddle

Country artists are constantly surrounded by one another and others who are a part of the country music industry. Therefore, they tend to build close friendships. Well-known buds include Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, and more. These companionships are spectacular to have with someone who understands both the pressures of fame and who someone is as a person. These collaborations create some impressive tunes.

These friendships can build some of the most touching and powerful musical moments. These legendary songs never get old, as we belt them out loud or just ride along the backroads listening to them.

A smile on your face, arm sprawled outside of the window, feeling the wind rush past, the sun warming you to the bones, and finding peaceful contentment and nostalgia.

There is a certain beauty behind knowing the song you love was either written by or performed by two people who actually love themselves outside of the world of celebrity. This is what attracts audiences and listeners.

Major Collaborations with Tritt and Daniels

Tritt and Daniels have both sold millions of albums. The two have been honored many times. They’ve also been the recipients of an abundance of awards. The friendship has led to magic, especially when the two artists combine their talents together.

Tritt & Daniels: “Southern Boy”

Two of the rebellious old-school country music acts that are currently on the scene include Travis Tritt and Charlie Daniels. They saw enough talent and cohesiveness to come together and team up for a couple of songs. One of the biggest and most popular collabs is the song “Southern Boy.” Their most well-known collaboration was on the song “Southern Boy.” The single is on The Charlie Band’s 2002 album Redneck Fiddlin’ Man. The song shows the ungodly talent of Daniels’ fiddle playing skills and Travis Tritt’s rockin’ attitude and guitar talents.