Country Throwback: Watch Hank Williams Jr. Belt About a Broken Heart in ‘The Last Love Song’

by Matthew Wilson

Country music knows how to soothe a broken heart better than most. In this throwback, Hank Williams Jr. sings of lost love in “The Last Love Song.”

Best get out your tissues because this song is a tearjerker. Williams Jr. sings with a real pain behind his voice that will make audiences want to give the cowboy hat, sunglasses-clad singer a hug.

Love and heartbreak are universal themes in music. And Williams channels some of his own for the tune. For anyone whose been through a bad break up, the song might make you a little weepy or nostalgic.

Before his performance, Williams Jr said, “I know it’s over. Because I don’t satisfy you anymore. But before you move along, I wrote the last love song.”

Hank Williams Jr. Married Three Times

The son of legend Hank Williams, Williams Jr. often bases his music around personal experiences in his life. Williams Jr. has a bit of experience with heartbreak or at least relationships that end. Williams Jr. has been married three times over the course of his life.

Williams Jr. released “The Last Love Song” in 1974 on the album of the same name. At the time, he was married to Gwen Yeargain. It is unknown whether he was singing about Yeargain or perhaps a past flame he was struggling to get over. Williams Jr. and Yeargain married in 1971. But they ended up divorcing in 1977 after having a son together, Shelton Hank Williams.

Williams Jr. tried for love again with his second wife Becky White, who he married the same year as he divorced Yeargain. White and Williams Jr. stayed married until 1983 and share two daughters together before he sang another last love song. Finally, the singer married Mary Jane Thomas in 1990 and had two children.

The pair briefly separated in 2007. But their love proved stronger, bringing the two back together once again.