Country Throwback: Watch Tanya Tucker Sing ‘Texas (When I Die)’ at Farm Aid 1985

by Joe Rutland

Tanya Tucker is known for her hit songs, interesting life, and surviving the country music world. “Texas (When I Die)” is one of her greatest hits.

The song originally was released in 1978 as part of Tucker’s “TNT” album. “Texas (When I Die)” comes from the songwriting minds of Ed Bruce, Patsy Bruce, and Bobby Borchers. Bruce also recorded his version of the song in 1977.

Tucker’s cover version made it up to No. 5 on Billboard’s “Hot Country Singles” chart.

Back in September 1985, Tanya Tucker appeared in an all-star lineup of performers for Farm Aid. Her performance delighted the audience gathered to hear not only those artists on hand, but to honor farmers across the United States.

Tanya Tucker Sings About A Person’s Love For Texas

The song’s lyrics are pretty straightforward, talking about someone’s love for Texas and how no other city can measure up to the Lone Star State. Here are a few of the song’s first verses.

“When I die I may not go to heaven
I don’t know if they let cowboys in
If they don’t just let me go to Texas, Boy!
Texas is as close as I’ve been.

New York couldn’t hold my attention
Detroit City couldn’t sing my song
If tomorrow finds me busted flat in Dallas
I won’t care, ’cause at least I’ll know I’m home.

When I die I may not go to heaven
I don’t know if they let cowboys in
If they don’t just let me go to Texas, Boy!
Texas is as close as I’ve been.”

Sit back for a few minutes and enjoy Tanya Tucker and her performance of “Texas (When I Die).”

Tucker Gives Info About Crazy Night With Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cryus once smashed his way into Tucker’s home with a tire iron, and it’s a pretty adorable story to hear her tell it.

Tanya Tucker said it took place the night they finished filming the video for Dolly Parton’s “Romeo.” Cyrus is featured in the song. Afterward, he wanted to show off his new Corvette to the country music icon. So, she sent her friends ahead home in her limo as she and Cyrus burnt rubber in his new car.

After a side mission involving a locked car and a tractor, they arrived at Tucker’s house. No one had a key. Cyrus pulled a tire iron out of his new Corvette and, on Tucker’s order, began to whack at the window. It took several strikes before he smashed it, something Tanya Tucker made sure to tease him about.

Tucker said she sidestepped the glass and headed for bed with her girlfriends, who were smitten with Cyrus. That’s when they heard a strange noise coming from downstairs.

Cyrus was sweeping up the glass from the shattered window out of the floor.

“That is the sweetest picture,” Tanya Tucker said. “I wish I had a picture of that.”