Country Throwback: Watch Young Thomas Rhett Sing Joe Diffie’s ‘Third Rock From the Sun’ with His Dad

by Jacklyn Krol

Get ready for the adorable throwback video of a young Thomas Rhett singing “Third Rock From The Sun” alongside his father.

Thomas Rhett as a Child

If you didn’t know, Rhett’s father is legendary artist and songwriter, Rhett Akins. His own hits include “Don’t Get Me Started” and “That Ain’t My Truck” not to mention the hundreds of songs that he co-wrote for other artists.

Rhett’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video of the father and son duo performing the Joe Diffie classic for a local news station. “Third Rock from the Sun,” was released on the Fourth of July in 1994. It reached No. 1 in the United States and Canada.

The retro clip features Rhett and Akins side by side donning cowboy hats. Akins is plucking the acoustic guitar while Rhett, who couldn’t be over the age of ten at the time, croons along.

Watch the performance, below.

Their Relationship

The pair have frequently collaborated with one another during their careers. They released a duet in 2017 called “Drink A Little Beer.” Akins co-wrote some of the songs off of his son’s album, Center Point Road. Furthermore, he was the opening act on his son’s 2019 arena tour.

So who is Rhett’s all-time favorite collaborator? “My favorite person to write with, as a whole, I think is my dad,” he told Big Machine. “Even though I write with a bunch of other people, my dad and I do have a pretty special bond. Probably because he’s my dad, but he’s also like a really good friend of mine and a really fun co-writer.”

Although he did want to step out of his father’s spotlight, Rhett did not change his name to be disassociated with his dad. “I think Thomas Rhett is easier to say,” Rhett told the Chicago Tribune. “Thomas Rhett Akins doesn’t sound like a rock star name. I didn’t leave Akins out to convince people my dad wasn’t my dad. I’ve always been called Thomas Rhett. I didn’t want to get rid of it.”