Darius Rucker Drops New Music Video ‘We Could All Use’ for ‘Beers and Sunshine’

by Matthew Wilson

Darius Rucker is all sunshine in his new music video. The country artist announced the video for his single “Beers and Sunshine” on Twitter.

He wrote, “You know what we all could use right now? #BeersandSunshine. Check out the new music video!”

Rucker first released the song, which is intended to be the lead single on his upcoming album, in August. The singer had a busy year. He split time between his country solo efforts and his rock band Hootie and The Blowfish. The band recently released the holiday-themed “Won’t Be Home For Christmas.” The song honors military heroes and their families.

Darius Rucker Will Host the CMA Awards

Rucker will also share hosting duties with Reba McEntire for the CMA Awards on Nov. 11. This will be the first year that Rucker has hosted the awards ceremony. In an interview on Live With Ryan and Kelly, Rucker revealed he will perform “Beers and Sunshine” with Lady A at the ceremony. He will also perform with McEntire for an unknown song.

“We’ve got something that we’re really excited about — and, no, I can’t tell you [what it is]. And I’m also gonna do a thing with Lady A, we’re gonna do ‘Beers and Sunshine,’” he said.

Rucker also revealed that he’s run the gambit between nervous and excited about the event. The singer won his first CMA Award in 2009 after transitioning from rock to the country genre. He said the moment helped him feel accepted in the industry, and he’s thankful for it.

“Yeah, we’re really proud. And I’m really excited and just blown away — about the social distancing and how careful everyone has been,” Rucker said explains. “But all the performers will be there; the nominees will be there. Everybody will be social-distanced and spread out. It’ll be the first time, really, that the country music family’s been in one room all year.”