Darius Rucker Hints at Surprise with Co-Host Reba McEntire at Upcoming CMA Awards

by Kayla Zadel

Bit and pieces of news keeps getting spilled from the CMA Awards camp. This time Darius Rucker is leaking secrets about country music’s big night.

In a recent interview, the CMA Award show co-host admits that he will be pulling double duty that night. In addition to co-hosting with country music legend, Reba McEntire, Rucker will also be performing. He’s said he’s “lucky” that he gets to share the state with McEntire, not only hosting but hints that there could be some sort of “surprise” performance.

“We’ve got something that we’re really excited about — and, no, I can’t tell you [what it is]. And I’m also gonna do a thing with Lady A, we’re gonna do ‘Beers and Sunshine.'”

The feel good single, “Beers and Sunshine” was released earlier this year. As a matter of fact, the video for the song was released just this week (Nov. 5).

Darius Rucker Set to Co-Host with Reba McEntire

This is the first time the Hootie and the Blowfish star, slash country solo act is hosting the award show. There’s been some controversy in recent years about the hosts, after the CMA’s did away with long-time acts, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Outfit changes are synonymous with award shows. Reba and Rucker said it’s on to see who can change their costumes the most. It’s all in fun, of course.

Rucker said he’s nervous to co-host with the country music superstar. It’s his first time hosting a show of this magnitude.

Reba’s also said that they’re going to try and stay on a positive note in light of everything that’s going on.

“We’re trying to keep it upbeat and light. We as a country, we as a nation, we as a world, we need entertainment,” McEntire told Fox News. “I think people sitting at home in front of their TV screens or their computers, I think they want to see what we can deliver.”

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