Darius Rucker Song ‘Beers and Sunshine’ Nearly Had Different Title

by Charles Craighill

In the heat of the summer of 2020, Darius Rucker released his hit song “Beers and Sunshine” which rocked the country world for some time. The song still sits at number five on Billboard’s country airplay charts, continuing momentum from the summer.

Before releasing the instant hit, Darius Rucker considered publishing the song under a different name. However, he ultimately decided that the original title fit the bill a little bit better.

 “After I wrote it I had a moment of thinking of changing it to ‘Tequila and Sunshine,’” Rucker said abut the song. “Because a buddy of mine thought it was a much better idea and he still says it all of the time. But the more I thought about it, I thought ‘Beers and Sunshine’ was the way to go.”

While “Tequila and Sunshine” surely makes for a fun day, beers seems to fit the laid back vibe of the song better. After all, tequila as a day drink typically leads to a forgotten night. As Darius Rucker mentions, hitting balls off the dock gets a little bit harder with a whole mess of margaritas in the system. As many of us picked up drinking as a hobby during this quarantine, Darius Rucker may have saved some lives and some marriages by keeping “Beers and Sunshine” as the title.

Darius Rucker Knew “Beers and Sunshine” Would be a Hit

As soon as Darius Rucker sent his song idea to his record label, he knew he had something special. The song hit just right during the summer and still fits now that winter has rolled in. I mean, who doesn’t want to escape to a back porch in South Carolina with a beer and some flip flops?

Darius Rucker knew exactly what the people needed this summer… and the charts showed it.

“I made a lot of records for my label and ‘Beers and Sunshine’ is the first time I’ve written a song and send it out to them and they said, ‘Can we get that cut right now?'” he recalled with a laugh. “That was a pretty good feeling. That was a pretty good feeling.”

Hopefully, we will get some more sunny vibes from Darius Rucker soon, but for now “Beer and Sunshine” will have to do. In this bleak winter, we all could benefit from kicking back on a lawn chair and tossing a couple back.