Darius Rucker Teases 2020 CMA Awards with Latest Picture of Him and Reba McEntire

by Jon D. B.

The 54th Annual CMA Awards are nearly upon us! Co-host Darius Rucker is teasing how much fun the show will be with his latest photo alongside Reba McEntire.

Darius Rucker and Reba McEntire are making the best of their 2020. The pair of country legends will co-host the CMA Awards – a duo fans are ecstatic to see. In anticipation of the show, Rucker is tweeting a shot of them both with their tour buses ready for action.

“Y’all ready for the #CMAawards tomorrow?” Darius asks. “Great day of rehearsals with @reba! We can’t wait!!”

It’s safe to say fans can’t wait, either. The feel-good, electric energy these two exude should be perfect for hosting duties together.

Darius Rucker Gets Personal with Reba

Moreover, the two got together on Reba’s podcast, Living & Learning to discuss just how Rucker managed such a powerful transition from pop-rock – to the wildly different country genre.

In the highly-personal episode, “Reba and Melissa explore the idea of reinventing yourself, how life is a constant evolution, and how to approach your own desires for change.” Darius Rucker dives deep into his transition from the lead singer of the pop-rock band Hootie and the Blowfish to becoming an acclaimed country star, and the importance of authenticity in all phases of life.” The resulting conversation is one no fan of Rucker will want to miss.

Further into the episode, which focuses on its title of “Reinventing Yourself,” Reba asks a key question.

“How was that when you decided to come over into country music?” she poses to Darius. “What was your thought process?”

“I always tell people that Randy Foster came out with a record in 1989 called ‘Del Rio Texas’, which just changed my world. I heard him sing and I said ‘I want to sing just like that dude’ – ‘I want to make that someday.’” As a result, for Darius Rucker – he had always been living country. So the switch wasn’t as much of a switch as it was a relief.

“And I would say [this] to the band, and they’d laugh, and I said I’m going to make a country record someday!”

Rucker is Meant for Country & CMA Awards

In addition, Rucker says at the height of Hootie & The Blowfish’s insane popularity, they were touring “all the time. Then, one day, we all came in for a meeting – and decided we weren’t going to tour anymore.” The revelation was, of course, shocking to Rucker. “But my first thought was – I’m going to go make a country record now,” he laughs.

Catch these two hosting the CMA Awards LIVE on ABC Wednesday, Nov. 11th at 8PM Eastern!

Until then, Rucker & Reba also discuss much, much more in their full interview.

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