David Lee Murphy Forced to Cancel Shows After Announcing Health Issue

by Clayton Edwards

Bad news for fans who hoped to see David Lee Murphy live this week. A Facebook post stated that the “Dust on the Bottle,” singer will cancel two upcoming shows. He and the band made the decision due to an illness. However, the post didn’t give further details.

The post hit David Lee Murphy’s Facebook page late last night. It announced that Murphy will cancel shows that were scheduled for Thursday and Saturday this week. He was slated to play the Rodeo Arena in Ellensburg, Washington on the second. On Saturday the fourth, Murphy was supposed to be at the Coconino County Fair in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, he will not be able to make those dates.

The post stated that David Lee Murphy and the band were “very much looking forward to performing for the Party Crowd,” in both cities. It goes on to say that Murphy, “Sends his best to all his fans and hopes he will have an opportunity to perform for them in the not too distant future.” The post concluded by asking fans for prayers for a speedy recovery.

David Lee Murphy’s Facebook post just says that he had to cancel the dates due to “illness,” but doesn’t say what his diagnosis was. However, it doesn’t look like Murphy has COVID-19. His next show is scheduled for September 10 in Fort Madison, Iowa. If we assume that Murphy’s illness is a new development, he wouldn’t have time to safely clear a COVID infection before the tenth. So, that’s good news. If Murphy has to cancel that show, he will play on October 23rd at the Bayou Fest in Sterlington, Lousiana. You can see all of his upcoming shows on his website.

David Lee Murphy Has Been Busy

David Lee Murphy capped off 2020 by announcing that he would step back into the studio to re-record some of his biggest hits. This included his signature tune, “Dust on the Bottle,” and several others. In an exclusive interview with Outsider’s Marty Smith, Murphy said, “These days, man, when you cut songs in the studio, they just sound bigger.” He went on to talk about re-cutting his signature song. “When we cut ‘Dust on the Bottle’, BANG! We felt the same magic all over again.” He added that it was so much fun to get back in the studio and revisit his tunes from earlier in his career.

More recently, David Lee Murphy was back in the studio. However, he wasn’t revisiting classics. He was hoping to cut a brand new hit. That hit was “Beer With My Friends,” by Shy Carter featuring Murphy and Cole Swindell. Carter, Murphy, and Bryan Simpson co-penned the uptempo ode to popping tops with your pals. Check it out below.