Dierks Bentley Drops Behind-the-Scenes Footage from ‘Gone’ Video

by Kayla Zadel

Dierks Bentley shared the music video for his recent single “Gone” last week. Now he’s giving his fans a look at how the video magic came to be.

“It’s my look for the beginning the video shoot today,” Bentley starts the video out by saying. “We’re doing a video shoot for ‘Gone.'”

“A glance behind the scenes from shooting the music video for #Gone,” the caption reads.

We see Bentley on camera preview screens, as well as the country singer standing in front of a green screen.

Dierks Bentley Takes on Various Characters in New Music Video

Dierks Bentley has been known to poke fun at himself and even take on an alter-ego. Like in his parody country band, Hot Country Knights, Bentley takes on a 90s country alter ego that goes by Douglas Douglason.

So it only makes sense that the different characters the Grammy-winning artist would be fine playing different well-known characters in his new music video.

The video starts out showing Bentley at rock bottom. He’s watching his life layout in front of him on the TV screen. Some of the scenes were inspired by Bentley’s favorite shows.

“It just always ends poorly for me in this video,” said Bentley on Country Fancast. “I definitely had a lot more fun making it than it looks though…we got to film a bunch of scenes inspired by some of my favorite shows like The Office, MacGyver, Game Of Thrones, and Full House. And I got to collaborate with some new directors I’ve never worked with, so I left at the end of a really long day feeling really happy and inspired about a kind of sad song.”

The video was shot in Nashville in November. Furthermore, when the “Gone” singer isn’t playing out scenes from his favorite shows, he’s on stage with his band at his bar, Whiskey Row, in Music City.

Gone” is Bentley’s first new music since his 2018 album The Mountain