Dierks Bentley’s CMA Awards Hairdo Draws ‘Walking Dead’ Rick Grimes Comparisons

by Madison Miller

Social media is freaking out over a comparison between country music artist Dierks Bentley and “The Walking Dead” character Rick Grimes.

With a new long, flowing hairstyle Bentley stood out to some fans while he was performing for the Charles Daniels tribute. Daniels passed away in July from a stroke. The tribute was performed by Brothers Osborne, Ashley McBryde and Jason Aldean.

While the opening tribute to Daniels was powerful, many fans felt something powerful in this new haircut.

Dierks is a Rick Grimes Impersonator

Rick Grimes is a character on “The Walking Dead” and is known for his shoulder-length dark hair. While he may be a little greasier and dirtier, zombie apocalypse, and all, fans really saw the resemblance.

While fans may be teasing him for his similarities with “The Walking Dead” character’s hair, he may have some other subtle similarities.

“The Walking Dead” takes place during a zombie invasion and many of the characters end up in a more lonely or remote environment than they did before. While some families stick together, a good portion of the show happens out in expansive land.

In March Bentley moved out West to a small town in Colorado. He did so in order to spend more quality time with his family. This is where he worked to create his newest single “Gone.” Bentley claims he is going to have fans wait for another album because he isn’t a fan of producing another socially distanced album.

New Music

Bentley is also now involved in a project with Shenandoah. They enlisted several artists for their 10-track record. According to Tennessean, the album “Every Road” which is produced by Willie Nelson and collaborator Buddy Cannon, drops this Friday. Bentley will be featured on the song “Every Road.”

“We all loved the song and knew Dierks would be a perfect fit for the tune … He sang the lines off the highway on this song,” according to Tennessean.