Dolly Parton Admits She Has Christmas Tree in Every Room at Her House

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to country music royalty, it doesn’t climb the ladder much higher than East Tennessee native Dolly Parton.

The legendary country music star has put out hit after hit and has a career dating back more than a half-century. With songs like “Jolene” and “I will Always Love You,” Parton is one of the most recognizable faces in all of the music industry.

Parton also very much loves Christmas and says the holiday spirit always seem to find its way to her. Earlier this year, Parton put out “A Holly Dolly Christmas,” a Christmas music album, to the delight of her millions of fans. On the album she is joined by a who’s who of music stars including Miley Cyrus, Willie Nelson and Michael Buble. She also put out a Christmas movie on Netflix called “Christmas on the Square” and a television special featuring songs from her album.

The country queen also goes all out when decorating for the holiday season. Appearing on “Ellen” in 2018, Parton says her home is full of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

“I have a lot of rooms in my house, and I have a Christmas tree in every one of them,” she says. “They’re all different sizes. I have different houses. I have a lake house and we decorate it with the theme of that, with water. Christmas is all about the kids.”

Dolly Parton Writes Letter to Santa Claus

Earlier this year, as the holiday season began to ascend, Parton penned an inspiring and heartfelt letter to Santa Claus. In the letter, the singer and song writer asks the jolly one to bring peace and joy during unsettled times.

“Santa, please bring joy to those who have lost the ability to laugh and enjoy life because of this critical time,” she writes. “And Santa, bring hope for a better and brighter tomorrow, hope for the poor and downtrodden, hope for those who have given up all hope.”

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