Dolly Parton Celebrates 43rd Anniversary of ‘Heartbreaker’ Album Release

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dolly Parton commemorated World Emoji Day — yes, that really is a thing — by dropping a clue to one of her albums.

She tweeted:

“Celebrating #WorldEmojiDay and the anniversary of one of my hits! Can you guess which one based on this hint? …

Check the replies for the answer!”

The hint was a broken heart emoji.

Did You Figure Out the Dolly Parton Hint?

Need more hints? Let’s go all the way back to 1978, when Dolly Parton was a 32-year-old on the verge of true, crossover superstardom. This was four years after she left Porter Wagoner. And four years after she released I Will Always Love You. She also had Jolene.

In 1977, Dolly Parton released Here You Come Again, her first album to achieve a million sales. The single Here You Come Again became Parton’s first top 10 song on the pop charts.

So if you’re Dolly Parton, how do you follow up that album? You release Heartbreaker, although there were no commemorative emojis back then, just some Dolly Disco-influenced tunes. Heartbreaker, which was released July 17, 1978, reached No. 1 on the country charts right after Labor Day. It stayed there for nine straight weeks. By year’s end, Heartbreaker ranked fourth overall on the country charts. And the album reached a high of No. 27 on the Billboard 200.

The singles Heartbreaker and I Really Got That Feeling both went to No. 1 in the country genre. The single Baby I’m Burnin’ reached the Billboard top 25. It definitely was a Dolly success story.

July Is Huge Month for Country Icon

And decades later, Dolly Parton still is giving us music we love. She’s also broadened her brand. You can see evidence of that just this month.

On July 7, Parton finally launched her perfume, which is called Scent From Above. And just this week, Parton’s Christmas musical earned two Emmy nominations.

Did you see Christmas on the Square on Netflix last holiday season? In an interview last November, Dolly Parton said: “I always wanted to write a Christmas musical. I got to act in the movie, got to sing it, and got to write all the music.”

Her musical was nominated for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Choreography for Scripted Programming.

And like she did Saturday, Dolly Parton celebrated the news on social media. She even encouraged her fans to to watch the movie, again. It doesn’t need to be cold outside or December to enjoy.

“Feel the love of Christmas in July,” Parton wrote. “And stream today on @netflixfamily.”

Those who love Dolly Parton loved her proper use of emojis and tweeted their adoration for her music.

“Like you, I (heart) Emojis, and use them all the time in most of my tweets. And it makes me (smile)and I hope others smile too.”

Another posted “I want a dang Dolly Parton emoji!!”

Now that’s an emoji campaign we can get behind.