Dolly Parton Posts Epic Comment on Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Photo

by Emily Morgan

Dolly Parton and Kim Kardashian, both legends in their own right, seem to be fans of one another. 

Parton proved she likes to keep up with the reality TV star when she replied with a witty comment on Kardashian’s Instagram photo on Friday.  The 40-year-old billionaire made her followers aware that she’s a Dolly Parton fan when she shared a bikini pic and used a quote from the “Jolene” singer in the caption.  

The mom of four wrote, “Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life- Dolly Parton. Friendly reminder to always take a little time for yourself”.

As two of America’s most successful businesswomen, we can’t help but love to see them interacting online.  Soon after posting the pic, the “9 to 5” singer wrote a comment on the post that makes us think she’s a fan of the former reality show that help Kardashian ascend to worldwide fame. 

“You’re doing great sweetie,” she wrote, followed by a heart emoji. Fans immediately went into a frenzy after her comment since it was a direct quote from Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner. If you’re not familiar with the hit show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” you may not know that Jenner once famously encouraged her daughter on by saying, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!” in a 2007 episode. Throughout the years, the quote has gone viral and has spawned thousands of memes. 

Kim Kardashian & Dolly Parton Prove They’re Both Fans Of One Another

Though Parton didn’t get the quote right word-for-word, it did make us think that the beloved country icon must have watched the show at some point during its 20 seasons

“So perfect,” one commenter wrote in reply to Parton’s comment, while another said, “Genius!” One commenter even called Dolly “iconic,” which has long since been proved. 

The playful interaction on social media between the two icons was fun for fans to see. In addition, both of the women have more in common than you might think. For starters, they’re incredibly successful in their business ventures. 

Earlier this year, the country music queen shared some of her secrets to success with the Wall Street Journal Magazine. She first revealed that she never wears sweats around the house.

“I have my own little house clothes, like a little dress-type teddy, a long teddy, then I have a little jacket or shirt to match if I get cold,” said Parton. “I call them my baby clothes because they’re soft like a baby. But I don’t wear sweat clothes.”

She also added that her usual wake-up time of 3 a.m. gives her more time to accomplish her goals. To get her day started, she typically eats egg salad and tomato on toast. Sometimes as a treat, she’ll have a bagel and cream cheese covered with cucumbers and tomatoes.