Dolly Parton Reveals What Inspired Her to Be a Musician

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary singer and songwriter Dolly Parton recently took some questions from her fans. The virtual question and answer session was host by GQ Magazine as part of their “Actually Me” section.

Parton touches on a number of topics in the session including how she fixes her hair and how she plays guitar with such long fingernails. When asked what inspired her to become a musician, Parton didn’t hesitate to answer her family played a big role in her career choice. The country star says she comes from a long line of music talent.

“I was inspired just living, and living in a household where everybody was a singer and played musical instruments,” she says. “My mom’s people were all very musical. All of my brothers and sisters could play musical instruments. We all did.”

Now one of the most accomplished singers and songwriters of all time, Parton says she started from humble beginnings.

“So, I learned to sing and I was impressed most by my aunts and uncles and my mom,” she says.

Parton then traces her musical career all the way to her childhood when she enjoyed listening to the songs played in her church.

“We grew up in the church and that really inspired me as well,” she says. “All that beautiful singing is inspiring.”

Parton cites her family as inspiration in other ways as well. She started the “Imagination Library” in order to teach young children the importance of reading. She says her father’s inability to read is what lead to the program.

The Imagination Library program provides free reading materials to youth. Each kid participating in the program gets a new free book each month. Enrollment into the Imagination Library can begin at birth and lasts until a child turns five-years-old.