Dolly Parton Says ‘Hey Good Lookin’ in New Eye-Catching Blue Dress Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary country singer and songwriting star Dolly Parton is still drawing looks even as she enters her mid-70’s.

You certainly wouldn’t be able to tell it just by looking at her, but Parton turned 75-years-old earlier this year. The East Tennessee native goes to great lengths to keep her mind and body in tip top shape. Parton took to social media on Tuesday just to say hi to her adoring fans with her trademark flirtatious charm and bright smile.

It didn’t appear that Parton had a motive behind her Tuesday afternoon Instagram post, other than a little fan interaction.

“Hey, good lookin,” she says in the post’s caption space. She adds a winking emoji to the end of the caption for good measure.

Dolly Parton Has Millions of Social Media Followers

As you’d expect, the “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You” singer has a rather large social media presence. She has close 4 million followers on Instagram and another 5 million followers on Twitter. Her Instagram post got more than 57,000 “likes” only an hour after it went live and also generates hundreds of comments. The same photo and post drew more than 14,000 “likes on Twitter along with hundreds of comments.

The country music icon often uses social media to interact with her fans and also promote new products. She recently came out a new fragrance, aptly named “Dolly,” and uses social media to promote it.

With a country music career spanning more than five decades, Parton has achieved remarkable staying power. She put out her most recent album “A Holly Dolly Christmas” just last year. The album was a huge success for the singer, claiming the top spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart. It was her eighth studio album to reach number one status on country music charts. It also took the top spot on Billboard Top Holiday Albums Chart as well. It is Dolly’s third Christmas album and features collaborations with Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon and Willie Nelson.

Parton hasn’t revealed what’s next for her career but we will be extremely excited with whatever she chooses to do next.