Dolly Parton Secretly Put Her Husband on an Album Cover, Didn’t Tell Anyone for Years

by Madison Miller

Dolly Parton has let fans into a good portion of her personal life.

However, when it comes to her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, she keeps him very far from the public eye. In fact, he prefers it that way. The two have had virtually no interviews together over their 55 years of marriage.

This seems to check out, since Dolly Parton also hid her husband on one of her album covers.

The album was “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy,” which she released in 1969. It was Parton’s fourth studio album. Her album was considered a bit revolutionary for country music of the time. It had topics like prostitution, suicide, death, pain, failure and death all tied together with Parton’s famous light and sweet sing-song voice.

On the cover of the album, Parton is crying while lying on a sofa. In the background is her dream of a Blue Ridge Mountain Boy. Perched on a fallen tree, wearing plaid and blue jeans, is Carl Thomas Dean.

The couple had only been married for a couple of years at this point in time. This album cover would be one of the public’s first glimpses into Parton’s husband and her secret married life.

Dolly Parton’s ‘My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy’

Dolly Parton’s “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy” was one of her successful early albums.

It was No. 6 on the Billboard Top Country Albums. The three most famous singles from the album are “Daddy,” “In the Ghetto,” and “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy.”

She performed songs written by Mac Davis, Joe South, Leona Ross, and others, as well as writing a few of the tracks herself. In fact, the title track was one of the songs Parton wrote for the album as well as “Daddy.”

50 Years of Marriage

In one interview, Parton discussed how the two have been together for 50 years.

The pair actually avoids going out in public at the same time. In fact, Parton said that her husband will go visit Dollywood on occasion, but he’ll go when she’s not there. So, he’s out in the public eye, but people really don’t recognize him unless he’s next to Parton.

“He’s a good man. He’s kind of a homebody he didn’t want to go out there doing all that. He never would do interviews or anything like that. He’s content to enjoy me and we have our own personal life and it’s strong,” Parton told CNBC.

Despite his album cover appearance, Dean has made it his initiative to keep his marriage private.

After having to attend an awards ceremony he told her, “‘I love you, and I will support you in your career any way I can, but I am not going to any more of these wingdings.’ He knows if he ever started doing interviews and if people started photographing him and all that, then he wouldn’t be able to go to the auto parts store or the ballgames and the places he wants to go without bein’ bothered,” Dolly Parton said in a 1981 article, according to

The two have not had any children together. However, they have a big family of nieces, nephews, and even godchildren to place their love and attention on. Neither of them regrets the way they’ve played out their love life.

While the two say they are complete opposites, they have not wavered from each other for over 50 years. When they renewed their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary Dolly said, “Not everyone is lucky enough to be with someone for 50 years, but I have been. He has been the love of my life and the life of my love.”

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