Elvis Presley’s Close Friend Claims He ‘Always Took a Gun To Bed’

by Madison Miller

Many people know Elvis Presley as the “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll,” but he also had his own group deemed the “Memphis Mafia.”

The close-knit group of friends always carried a gun on them.

The famous heartthrob singer and songwriter himself also always had a gun on him. Even when he tucked himself away in bed at night, curled up and peaceful, his gun would be in arms reach.

According to Express, when he lived upstairs at Graceland, which remains off-limits to the public, he would carry a gun up with him for when he went to sleep.

Close Friends of Elvis

Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith lived with him and confirmed that he would always have one on his nightstand.

“She remembered how when they hung out in Elvis’ bedroom he’d sometimes even joke around with the gun, reaching for the weapon in jest if they said he wasn’t right about something in a conversation,” according to Express.

Presley had actually started to create a group of followers that were quite similar to his own personal Mafia. He would buy them money, jewelry, cars and other goods, and they would carry guns and protect him.

This small group of friends was entrusted with his life. At the same time, he never quite was able to keep a gun too far away.

A documentary was created in 2018 called “Elvis & the Memphis Mafia” that includes never seen before interviews that delve into this side of Presley.

When he came out of the army and went to Hollywood he had changed. He had become more cautious, dressed differently, and eventually recruited his friends known as the Memphis Mafia.

Elvis and His Gun Collection

Elvis Presley was an avid collector of firearms. At the time of his death, he owned 37 firearms and one machine gun.

According to Rock Island Auction Company, there are several of his personal pieces that have been auctioned. This particular list was set to be auctioned in May of 2017.

One of which is the Smith & Wesson Model 19-2. It has a scroll engraving and gold and silver borders. This gun has documents that directly lead back to Presley.

Another is the Colt Python Revolver. It was owned by Presley and also has the original registration. The gun was featured in Guns Magazine at one point as well.

Another piece in this specific collection was a police badge. Presley often collected badges to show his closeness and appreciation for the police force. Despite his rowdy, rock ‘n’ roll attitude, he was often gifted these badges.