Eric Church Digs Deep into the Behind-the-Scenes Making of Triple Album ‘Heart & Soul’

by Halle Ames

This year, Eric Church will grace all our ears with not a single, not a double, but a TRIPLE album. The winding road towards completing a triple album brought its challenges. But like the gritty country superstar that he is, Church managed to grind out the project last year in a month’s time. A project that we here at Outsider could not be more excited to hear.

One thing that we should note is that Church didn’t record the album just anywhere. Church made the entire thing in a restaurant. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

The restaurant is one that Church often frequents in North Carolina. It features wood all around the place, and so Church came to the conclusion that it was the perfect location for the album to be born.

After stating that the 2018 album, Desperate Man, was the most challenging track he has ever made, he decided to amp up the difficulty level. Church also says that he hopes Heart & Soul gets people “uncomfortable.” 

“This time, I wanted to make people really uncomfortable. We sequestered ourselves in the mountains of North Carolina, a place I’ve been many times. There’s a place called Artisinal and everything’s wood, and I said to my wife, ‘Wow, this would be a great studio.'” 

Church continues, saying that the location still is functioning as a restaurant and a recording studio. 

“So we descend on this restaurant, it’s not very big, and we’re still using it as a restaurant, it’s what we fed people. To see Jay react to that, I think that put him back where he started. he’s not comfortable at all, and he’s just trying to go, ‘How do I make this album in this place?'”

Eric Church Put ‘Creativity in the Driver’s Seat’ For New Album

Crafting a triple album…that’s no easy task. In the process, Church explains there was one point where he went three or four days without sleep. Making this album both physically and mentally exhausting. He and his team would write a song in the morning and record it that evening. Church said in this painstaking process he wanted to put “creativity in the driver’s seat.”

“I did not anticipate the mental creative grind that doing this daily would do, where you have to come up with something every day. I got to where there was once stretch, three or four days, I didn’t sleep. It was a lot harder than I thought, and just going through that grind mentally, creatively, I’ve never been there before. I’ve never been out that far on a limb with the creative process.”

Eric Church also notes that he wanted to mix up this album’s feel with various artists and songwriters to give an “unknown little tension.” 

Since the whole process of writing and recording a song would start and finish in a single day, Church explains how this was the first time he was able to listen to the music as a fan. Because he would forget about it a few weeks down the road. While Church might have forgotten how some of his tunes turned out, we can guarantee that none of his fans will after hearing them for the first time.

For all the eager fans out there like us, the first part of the album, Heart, will debut on April 16. Soul will be released on April 23. So mark your calendars, folks. 2021 is lining up to be a record year.