WATCH: Eric Church Sings ‘Joy To the World’ in The White House Christmas Special

by Hannah Heser

Eric Church made his way to the White House for a special Christmas performance last night. He performed the Christmas classic, Joy To The World.

This hour-long Spirit of the Season special included not only Eric Church, but Camila Cabello, the Jonas Brothers, Pentatonix and more.

Church’s performance in the Christmas special begins at the 22:55 mark below.

The White House Christmas Special

To begin the first-ever Christmas special at the White House, the United States Marine band played their trumpets. Then the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, gave an introduction speech.

“Good evening everyone and welcome to the White House. I will never forget the moment we stepped over that threshold on Inauguration day. The mahogany doors closed behind us and the grandeur of the front hall caught my breath. The crystal chandelier reflecting off the marble floor, the presidential seal above the blue room reminding us of what it all meant: the exhilaration of our country coming together,” she said. “The honor and pride the President and I felt and continue to feel. Everyday we are here is special, but nothing can compare to how this places comes alive for the holiday season.”

Jennifer Garner joins the first lady outside the White House doors to take in a beautiful night of Christmas classics. With one of them being, Joy To The World by the one and only, Eric Church.

Eric Church’s Magical Performance

Joy To The World was written in 1719 as an English hymn and quickly became a Christmas standard all around the world.” A lot of artists have put their own unique voice on this song, including one of our all-time favorite country artists, Eric Church.

Soon after Garner completes her introduction, the camera quickly rolls to Church walking into the green room. Of course he has his shades on with a guitar in his hand.

And joining him on stage is the amazing, Joanna Cotten, with beautiful backup vocals.

At the beginning of the performance, the cameraman takes us on a journey through the White House. We are able to see different statues while the music plays in the background.

Overall, Church made his mark at the White House with a powerful performance. The President and First Lady had smiles on their faces from start to finish.