Eric Church Reacts After Website Hacked by Fans Digging for Info on Upcoming Album

by Katie Maloney

Passionate fans broke the news about Eric Church’s upcoming album before he could, and he’s not mad about it.

Just days before Church was scheduled to announce his upcoming album, Heart & Soul, fans hacked his website looking for information. They were hoping to find the script to his Outsiders radio show on SiriusXM and get a peek at his new single. However, fans discovered much more.

Not only did they get secret information about his new single, but they also learned that Church has an entire album he’s about to drop. Fans spread the news before Chruch had the chance to announce his album plans. But, Church isn’t mad about the hack. In fact, he’s actually kind of flattered.

“We ended up getting hacked, which is pretty awesome when you think about it,” said Church during an interview. “They ended up breaking the news, which is hilarious to me. It was one of those weird deals. But I love the passion.”

Eric Church fans can breathe easy knowing the country superstar holds no resentment towards their hacking endeavors.

“Hell of a View” by Eric Church

Everything You Need To Know About The New Eric Church Album

Fans may have spoiled the surprise, but the news is just as exciting as it would have been had Church announced it himself. Church spent 28 days recording the album after retreating to the mountains in his home state of North Carolina. He started recording at the beginning of 2020, right before the pandemic shutdowns.

Heart & Soul is a three-part album consisting of 24 songs that Church will release throughout April this year. The first part, Heart, includes nine songs and will be released on April 16. Church will release the next six songs on April 20, and the final nine songs, Soul, on April 23.

Fans can look forward to some previously-released songs including Church’s current single “Hell of a View,” his previous single “Stick That in Your Country Song,” the newly shared “Heart on Fire,” and his fan tribute “Through My Ray-Bans.” Fans will also hear several new songs including “People Break,” “Bunch of Nothing” and “Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones.”

And if that’s not enough Eric Church for you, tune into Super Bowl LV on February 7. He will be performing the pre-game National Anthem along with Jazmine Sullivan.