Eric Church Reveals Plans to Release 3 Albums This April

by Josh Lanier

Just days after he told fans he would sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, Eric Church announced his plans to release three albums in April. Yes, you read that correctly. Not one…not two…but three albums in April.

According to Music Mayhem, Church dropped the groundbreaking news about the forthcoming albums recently on his radio show The Outsiders and to his fan club The Church Choir.

“If you haven’t heard by now, we just announced some big news to start off the new year. It’s an announcement I’ve been waiting a long time to make. I will have three albums coming out in April,” he told fans.

The upcoming albums are titled Heart & Soul, which is fitting. Because if there’s anything true Chief fans know is that the “Drink in My Hand” superstar pours his heart and soul into every project he releases.

Church continued by adding: “That is the first song on the first of three new albums that I’ll have comin’ out in April. Album one is titled Heart, and will be released on April 16.  The album features 9 songs including ‘Stick That In Your Country Song,’ ‘Crazyland,’ and the song you just heard: ‘Heart On Fire.'”

But Wait…There’s More

And there you were thinking that the 43-year-old Entertainer of the Year dropping massive news about 3 albums was the only surprise. Church is teasing an extra-special part of the second album’s release in particular.

“The third is called Soul, and it’ll be released on April 23.  We’ll tell you about the second one later.  But the Soul album is where you’ll find the current single ‘Hell Of a View,’ and it ends with this song, titled ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones.’”

Hold the phone. When Eric Church references another legend (i.e. “Springsteen) in a song, you can bet that’s going to be a smash hit. Now he’s telling us there’s a new song titled “Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones.” If that doesn’t get you pumped, we’re afraid nothing will.

Ok, now we get to the special second album, &. As if things couldn’t get more exciting, check this out.

“In between those two will be a special album we call &.  It will be available on white vinyl for Church Choir members only on April 20.  The three albums together will be Heart & Soul, with a total of 25 songs. The middle album has a couple of songs you’ve already heard. ‘Through My Ray Bans’ and ‘Doin’ Life With Me.’  We’ll reveal more news about the album in the coming months.”

Eric Church to Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl LV

Even though he won country music’s most-coveted award last year, 2021 is lining up to be even more impressive for Church. Earlier this week, the news dropped that he will be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LV.

Eric Church will sing the national anthem with 33-year-old R&B and Hip-Hop star Jazmine Sullivan. The game is at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and will feature either the Chiefs or Bills against the Packers and Buccaneers.

The halftime performance will feature by the Grammy award-winning artist, Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd.