Eric Church Speaks Out on Enjoying the ‘Seclusion’ of His Massive Property Outside Nashville

by Matthew Wilson

Eric Church has been spending the pandemic enjoying the tranquility of nature. The country singer has been at home at his Nashville estate.

Church enjoys the outdoors almost as much as he enjoys country music. The estate gives him peace of mind and seclusion he can’t find anywhere else. Not even on a stage. Just 20 miles outside of Music City, the country singer relaxes in his wooded oasis. Where else can you see blue herons flying majestically over the water, after all?

“The seclusion has been good for my career,” Church told Garden and Gun. “I’m not a big people guy. You’re a mile from any road, and that works for my personality. It’s been a lifesaver.”

According to the outlet, Church has put a lot of time and effort into pimping out his property into his own personal kingdom. For one, Church has both a cabin and boathouse in addition to 1920s-era moonshine still and circular hangout spot that he calls the silo. For as much as Church and his family enjoy the property’s various features, nature always takes its spot front and center.

The area houses its own protected salamander species for one. For two, there are not one but two man-made lakes on the property. Yes, Church has his own personal fishing holes. And that’s what the country singer has spent a lot of time doing. Fishing out on the waterway is one way to quiet the mind and relax. And the country singer enjoys taking the boat out.

Eric Church, the Outdoorman

Fans may be shocked to discover that Church hasn’t written a single song in over a year. But with a delayed triple album project soon on the way, the singer hasn’t had much reason to. Instead, the singer has returned to his other great passion – the outdoors.

For Church, being an outdoorsman is a tradition passed down from generation to generation in his family. His grandfather, affectionately nicknamed Chief, had a sprawling property himself. Growing up, Church and his siblings would spend their time outdoors exploring the hundreds of acres in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Even when he grew up, Church never forgot that wide-eyed feeling of nature and its beauty.

When he does decide to write a song, Church knows exactly where he’ll do it – somewhere outside.

“I can’t tell you what the filter is on how I write songs,” Church continued. “But there are many times I’m on a boat in the lake and that’s where I find clarity.”

Until then, he’s enjoying his extended holiday at his Tennessee preserve.