Eric Church’s Mom Completely Misunderstood the Meaning Behind ‘Two Pink Lines’

by Shelby Scott

Eric Church has become a genuine icon within the realm of country music. The star initially broke into the industry with his 2006 single, “How ‘Bout You” on his album Sinners Like Me. Overall, the album lies home to several fan-favorite Eric Church songs. However, a less prominent song from the album, entitled “Two Pink Lines,” was later released as a single. Unfortunately, it only reached #19 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and it tells quite a story.

Nevertheless, Eric Church fans still love the song, more than a decade later. “Two Pink Lines” plays out in a rather humorous manner, especially if you’re also watching the accompanying video. In essence, it details the terrifying journey many American teenagers have endured. And while it’s definitely an original Eric Church jam, it appears to have caused some confusion for the country music icon’s mother. Church revealed she completely misunderstood the lyrics upon hearing them.

Later revealed to have been a true story, “Two Pink Lines” details the artist’s experience as an unmarried teenager facing teen pregnancy. During the CMA Songwriter Series in NYC years ago, the artist revealed his mother’s initial reaction to the narrative.

“When I first played this for my mom,” Church shared, “I was expecting her to be really bothered by it.”

However, to the country star’s surprise, her reply was, “I love that song.”

In the end, however, she did eventually ask her son, “Why are you singing about two pink lions?” The star shared his humorous reply which was, “Mom, I happen to love lions; I’m a big cat fan.”

Eventually, though, Eric Church’s mom figured out the true narrative which we’re sure led to quite an interesting discussion. Especially considering the authenticity of the tune’s narrative.

Eric Church Performs Honors Hank Jr. at Hall of Fame Induction

Eric Church has become a legend in his own right among the country music industry. That said, the iconic Hank Williams Jr. seems to have recognized that as he chose none other than the “Heart On Fire” singer to play for him during his entrance into the Hall of Fame. And despite the acoustic guitar’s accompaniment, the performance was electric to say the least.

Putting his own twang, drawl, and rock n’ roll style to the classic country hit, Eric Church took “A Country Boy Can Survive” to a whole different realm. Typically progressing in a rhythmic and steady pace, the “Chief” addled the song’s pace and completely readjusted the duration of certain lyrics, often stepping outside the Hank Jr.’s original performance entirely.

However, Church’s rebel style has also drawn many comparisons to the country icon and, here at Outsider, we love to see it. After all, who doesn’t love a good outlaw?

Hank Williams Jr.’s induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame was also marked by other memorable performances. Alongside Eric Church, Bocephus chose 90s country music icon Alan Jackson and Shooter Jennings to perform during the ceremony.