Exclusive Premiere: Pryor & Lee Debut ‘Good Ol’ Dogs and God’ on Outsider

by Jim Casey

Pryor & Lee are exclusively premiering their new song, “Good Ol’ Dogs and God,” on Outsider today. While the duo is brand-new, their new song feels like a good ol’ country classic.

Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee joined forces as Pryor & Lee after both artists appeared as solo competitors on The Voice in 2018. Neither singer took home the Season 14 crown, but they did bond over musical commonalities while rooming together during the show’s filming.

The Voice was an eye-opening time for me,” says Pryor to Outsider. “I wasn’t sure what I was doing there, but I knew there was a reason. I also learned that I needed Kaleb Lee, and he needed me to make this work.”

In 2020, Black River Entertainment saw the strength in numbers and signed the duo to a contract. The boys released their rowdy debut single, “Y’allsome,” last year before the pandemic put a kibosh on their tour plans.

New Music From Pryor & Lee

On March 26, the duo will officially release two new songs, “Good Ol’ Dogs and God” and “Carry On.”

However, Outsider has the exclusive premiere of “Good Ol’ Dogs and God” today.

Penned by Trent Fisher, Doug Johnson, Elvie Shane, and Adam Wood, “Good Ol’ Dogs and God” celebrates the unwavering love of the titular subjects.

“Pryor and I were in a song meeting and ‘Good Ol’ Dogs and God’ wasn’t even on the list of songs we were listening to,” says Lee to Outsider. “We were just talking together after the meeting and our producer, Doug Johnson, who co-wrote the song, wanted us to hear it. Pryor and I absolutely love our dogs. It was something he knew we would like. But none of us had any idea that it would be the next song for us to release. It’s a special song to us and something we felt we had to record.”

Pryor & Lee’s new tune hits the heartstrings immediately. Lee tenderly delivers the opening verse, before Pryor complements the chorus with his gravelly harmonies: “Good ol’ dogs and God / Won’t ever let you down / They listen when you’re talkin’ / Just happy you’re around / I don’t know why they love us / But they do no matter what / Two things you can count on / Good ol’ dogs and God.”

Good Ol’ Tour Dates

In addition to dropping new music on March 26, Pryor & Lee will released a new lyric video for “Good Ol’ Dogs and God.” The video features footage of the duo’s dogs, as well as fan-submitted clips of their fury friends.

“Our dogs have gotten us through some rough spots, including this last year, and they have never asked for anything in return,” says Pryor. “Now that’s love worth singing about.”

As touring begins to creep back to normalcy, the tandem will hit the road. They’re set for a handful of dates in April. The duo will open a few shows for Travis Tritt, who Lee cites as one of his musical heroes.

“We are just excited about getting back out to play music for our fans,” adds Lee. “It’s been an extremely rough year for us and everyone. There is power in music. We are pumped to get back out have a good time with all our country music-loving friends.”