Faith Hill Gives Tim McGraw an Incredible 25th Anniversary Gift

by Clayton Edwards

Wednesday, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw celebrated their 25th anniversary. For many couples, that milestone is called the “silver anniversary.” So, gifts are made of sliver. They say the metal represents brilliance, radiance, and the value of a long and loving marriage. Faith and Tim are different. Because they’re megastars, they probably have all the shiny baubles they could ever want. So, she went a different route for her anniversary gift.

You could say that the gift Faith Hill gave Tim McGraw represents all of the same things, especially their long and loving marriage. However, she didn’t have to go out and buy anything huge. Instead, she gave Tim a gift from her heart. He’s going to look at what she left for him and immediately know the significance of the gift. The rest of us, on the other hand, would probably have some trouble figuring it out. Thankfully, Faith posted a video on her Instagram page that both showed off the gift and explained the meaning behind it. Check out the video below.

In the video, we see what is probably Tim McGraw’s Jeep. That’s not the gift, though. Faith Hill explained that the two items of clothing on the Jeep are her gift to Tim. She placed a pair of blue jeans with a ripped seam and a pair of red cowboy boots on the vehicle.

A Closer Look at Faith Hill’s Gift to Tim McGraw

First, Faith Hill explains the jeans. “The jeans, right there on the right. I wore those jeans in the video that I shot with Tim for his single, ‘Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.’ I’ve had those jeans for thirteen years, and while dancing one night, recently, they split kinda right down the center of my butt.” She went on to say that she’s keeping the jeans. “I’m gonna make it work, I’m gonna get them fixed.”

Then, Faith Hill turned to the red cowboy boots. “These red boots, I’ve had since I was in the seventh grade. That was in 1981.” Finally, she explained the meaning behind her gift. “The metaphor behind all this stuff is, ya know, there’s going to be good times, bad times. Sometimes you’re going to look your best. Sometimes you’re not. That’s just the way life is, the way the world works. And, it’s all about love. Period. And respect.”

Faith Hill added that the most important thing she and Tim McGraw share is their three, “beautiful, smart, crazy funny,” daughters. That whole video seemed like it was for her followers. However, she closed it with a message just for Tim McGraw. “I love you so much, baby. Happy anniversary.”

Who needs silver when you have someone who will remind you of all the great years you’ve spent together? This gift proves, once again, that Faith and Tim are couple’s goals.