Faith Hill Praises Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard for New Song ‘Undivided’: ‘What We Need to Be Right Now’

by Charles Craighill

On Sunday night, the country music power couple made another appearance. Faith Hill congratulated her husband Tim McGraw for his collaboration with Tyler Hubbard. Their new song “Undivided” came out a couple of weeks ago on January 13 and has a message that we can all get behind.

As polarizing as American politics and life, in general, can be, McGraw and Hubbard plead for us to come together. “Look around and love somebody, we’ve been hateful long enough” they harmonize in the song. “Let the good lord reunite us to this country that we love, undivided.”

“Proud of you guys!” Faith Hill says in the Instagram post to Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard. “Thanks for sharing with the world what we need to be right now.”

Tim McGraw Sends a Message After Success of ‘Undivided’

After releasing the song on January 13, McGraw and Hubbard have seen the song on top of the charts and flood radio stations. The song of unity and togetherness could not have come at a more perfect time for the country, and the success reflects the timing. McGraw made sure to thank his fans for the success of the song on Twitter earlier this month.

“Most added song at country radio this week,” McGraw said on Twitter, “Thanx to everyone believing in this message!”

McGraw and Hubbard performed the fitting song at the Inaugural Celebration last Wednesday night. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the performing acts were not live from Washington DC. Due to this, Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard decided to perform their song from Nashville. They played on a stage down by the Cumberland River with the city scape of Nashville behind them.

McGraw and Hubbard joined acts like Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks for the celebration, pulling music from all genres. The Biden Inaugural Committee also tweeted a short clip from the McGraw and Hubbard performance with a nice caption. The tweet said the two country stars were “living our values and showing what America could look like if we were all a little more ‘Undivided.'”