Faith Hill Says Her Daughter Is ‘Killin’ It’ in New TikTok Videos

by Madison Miller

While country star Faith Hill is not on TikTok, her daughter is and is “killin’ it.”

Hill recently shared a video that her daughter had posted on TikTok on her personal Instagram. She captioned it, “These girls keeping me in the loop. Maggie and Georgiana killin’ it with these Tik Toks!!!!”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Family

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have three daughters: Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie.

Gracie is the oldest daughter who is now 23-years-old. She is currently in Los Angeles to pursue acting. Maggie, who is the one in the TikTok, is 22 and at Stanford Univerity in California to eventually get a master’s degree. She was also in a rock band while she was going through undergrad.

Their youngest, Audrey, is only 19 and graduated high school in 2020. She is looking to study filmmaking.

Growing up with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as parents can have its own perks and difficulties. In an interview with Today, while promoting his book “Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life,” McGraw talked about his girls.

“We’re so proud of our daughters because the world that they grew up in, it can easily make the kids turn out differently … And our girls are so grounded, they’re so humble. They have such big hearts, and they work hard at the things that they want to accomplish — and we’re really proud of them,” he added. “We couldn’t ask for better kids. They’re smarter than us in so many ways.”

Given the kind of content both McGraw and Hill post on their social media, it’s clear that they’re proud of their daughters.

Country Artists on TikTok

While Faith Hill’s daughter Maggie is killin’ it on TikTok, other country artists have been using the social media platform to connect with their fans.

TikTok was first popular with younger, teenage groups, COVID-19 and the boredom of 2020 has led it to be more popular with all generations. Some country artists, no longer able to perform live, have been using the app to reach people.

Luke Bryan has been pranking his wife in typical Luke Bryan humor. He has also been trying to learn famous TikTok dances.

Luke Combs, who started his career sharing videos on social media, is back to his roots on TikTok. He has been recording live performances, scattered with some videos of his fishing.

Miranda Lambert has a video where she names all of her chickens. She also has videos of her husband Brendan McLoughlin.

Kelsea Ballerini has seamlessly blended into the world of TikTok. Her videos are funny and relatable snippets of staying home during COVID-19. Meanwhile, Walker Hayes has all six of his kids making dances for his songs. TikTok is a whole new side of originality for country artists.