Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Posts Video of Man Trying to Sell Him ‘Blind Chameleon with a Broken Leg’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tyler Hubbard believes you never can let a good story, complete with a cool photo, go to waste.

In other words, tell it again. That’s why Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line, posted a two-year-old video to his Instagram account this week. Because funny is funny, right?

Tyler Hubbard and his wife were shopping in a market in Marrakech, Morocco. He captioned the video: “Two years ago today in Marrakech when ol buddy was trying to sell me a blind chameleon with a broken leg… a.k.a. A “very friendly pre historic animal like dinosaur.” Hayley Hubbard and I got a lot of laughs out of this video. Favorite part… “accident here”

The video shows the shop clerk placing the chameleon on Hubbard’s left arm. The clerk then gives Tyler Hubbard the sales pitch. People do keep chameleons for pets. The lizards can change colors to blend in with their surroundings. They’re able to start changing colors at about five months and can go from green, blue-green, turquoise and black.

Since no one really is traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic, good road stories need to be recycled, which is another reason Hubbard’s post is cool.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley Are Working On Separate Projects

Currently, Tyler Hubbard and bandmate Brian Kelley are working on separate projects. And one of Hubbard’s projects involves Tim McGraw. The two are combining for a song called “Undivided.” Hubbard wrote it. He said he was inspired by our country’s recent unrest.

Hubbard posted a video clip on Instagram. The caption: “Cheers to looking at all humanity with love, compassion, empathy and grace. Thank you Lord for this song and this message. Thank you Tim McGraw for believing in this song and asking me to feature on it. Thanks to the whole team and my boys Corey Crowder and Chris Looke for helping to write and produce this. I am so honored. #UNDIVIDED is out now.”

Florida Georgia Line Still Going Strong

There are rumors that Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are on the verge of breakup. They’ve been out there for weeks. However, Hubbard said the stories aren’t accurate. He told Entertainment Tonight:

“We’ve stayed in really good communication about it and we both feel a lot of freedom, a lot of creative juices flowing, a lot of inspiration, and so it’s fun,” Tyler Hubbard said of Kelley.

“We’ve always been a package deal, we’ve always done every single thing together, so it really does feel good to say, ‘BK, go make your solo project and go have fun with it, and I’ll go write songs and see what collaborations happen and we’ll just just have our own voice and make our own mark for a little while.”

Florida Georgia Line is set to release a fifth album in February and will continue their tour when the world reopens.

Tyler Hubbard said: “We’re still gonna be doing a lot together and playing for the fans and singing the hits, but it’s been fun to venture out and have a little bit of individuality as we go.”