Garth Brooks Heading To Ireland for Concerts in 2022

by Samantha Whidden

Get excited, Garth Brooks’ Irish fans! The country superstar is reportedly set to make his way over to the Emerald Isle in 2022 for some performances.

According to Irish Mirror, Garth Brooks finally confirmed two concert dates in Ireland. Croke Park in Dublin is also being known as the only European venue to headline the country superstar in 2022. The shows will take place on September 9th and 10th. 

The media outlet then revealed that rumors began circulating about Garth Brooks making a return to Ireland just a couple of months ago. It was also noted that the country singer’s fans were left disappointed in 2014 when he unexpectedly canceled five shows. The shows were canceled after Dublin City Council infamously stated that only three shows could happen. 

In 2016, Croke Park’s stadium director, Peter McKenna, shared that he and his crew would love to have Garth Brooks perform at the venue once again. “We’d love to have here. He’s a superstar. Lessons have been learned since what happened. By all parties. Ourselves included and the local residents. 

Garth Brooks also shared in 2016 that he would love to play in Ireland sometime. “I’ve been lucky to play in a lot of placed,” Brooks declared in a Facebook Live Q&A. “I don’t think I’ll get to play in all the places I want to play. Because the main ingredient is the sincerity of the people that want to hear it. That’s what it’s all about.”

Garth Brooks Addressed Rumors of Playing in Ireland During Q&A Session

In September, The Irish Sun reported that Garth Brooks addressed the possibility of performing at Croke Park next year. “I have to look into the camera and tell you this,” Brooks said to an Irish fan. “I have heard these rumors since 2014 and I don’t know where they sit at this point.”

Garth Brooks also declared that if he and his crew get to go to Ireland and play music again, they will be the luckiest people on the planet. “And I promise you, the second I know whether it’s going to happen or not, I will let you know.”

The Friends in Low Places hitmaker then praised his Irish fans. “Everyone there is just like [the Irish fan is responded to] – so much love. So much sincerity. [Ireland] is the place to play.”

Garth Brooks also told Ireland what he told his wife, Trisha Yearwood. “If you love me one-billionth as much as I love you. I’m the luckiest guy on the planet. I love Ireland.”

However, a senior concert insider previously spoke with the media outlet about the rumors that circulated once again earlier this year. “This story that Garth is playing Ireland has been reported every year for the past seven years. But we don’t know anything about it, and we have no idea where this story has come from.”