Garth Brooks Offers Advice to Aspiring Songwriters: ‘There is No Budget on Songwriting’

by Thad Mitchell

Participating in a Facebook question and answer session, country music star Garth Brooks offers up some advice for songwriters. An aspiring songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee asks the singer how he can protect his songs.

“I am starting to write songs,” the fan starts out. “I have no budget and no record label. So, how do I protect my songs when I want to share them on social media or share them with friends? How do I protect my songs? I need some tips from you.”

After receiving the question, Brooks starts out by showing some love for the Marble City. The legendary singer had one of his largest crowds ever last November as he played inside the University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium.

“Knoxville was very, very good to me,” he replies. Brooks then answers the young fans questions, suggesting songwriting doesn’t need a budget and that inspiration can come from anywhere.

“There is no budget on songwriting — you don’t need money to song write,” he says. “You just grab anything you can and write it down. You can take your phone and use the record setting…First of all just write. Then you will find a publisher. Those are natural steps to take. Best of luck with it because it is the best way to spend your time.”

Garth Brooks on Guest-Hosting ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Songwriting was among the many topics Brooks discusses in the 45 minute question and answer session. The singer also talks about his experience filling in for talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Brooks says hosting the show was a lot of fun but that he was caught off guard about how much goes into making the show.

“There are like 8,000 things going on at once,” he says. Brooks was also highly complimentary of Ellen’s crew, saying it “takes a whole village” to pull the show off.