Garth Brooks Opens Up on Hosting ‘Ellen:’ ‘There’s 8,000 Things Going on All at Once’

by Thad Mitchell

Garth Brooks recently filled in for Ellen Degeneres, hosting her show to the delight of his fans. The hugely popular country megastar took some questions from fans recently on a Facebook question and answer session. Brooks was asked by a fan if he would ever consider hosting his own show.

“Hi Garth –love watching you host Ellen the other day,” the fan from Nashville starts out. “You did an amazing job. Would you ever consider hosting your own talk show?”

“Man it was fun. It was a lot of fun,” Brooks answers. “Man I did not know it was that much. There was like 8,000 things going on all at once. I have to tell you the crew, the writers, the producers…it takes a whole village to pull that (show) off. She (Ellen) has the sweetest, hardest working people around her. Everyone was very, very sweet.”

Brooks Takes Question From Fans

Another question for Brooks regarding the show comes from Twitter. The fan asks the singer what his favorite part of hosting the show is.

“Garth, thank you for hosting @theEllenShow it was so awesome to watch,” the tweet says. “I really enjoy it you are a natural host. What was your favorite part about hosting? Thanks for all you do! Stay safe love you!”

Brooks replies that he really enjoys the game played on the show called “make it rain.” He also says he is appreciative that the show paid tribute to late country star Mac Davis.

Brooks also poked fun at one of his most famous songs, “The Thunder Rolls,” on the show. The singer and Degeneres make a parody video of the singer’s hit song. The short clip features Brooks playing guitar while Ellen flails about before falling down and off camera. The humorous video drew a great deal of laughter from the show’s audience.