Garth Brooks Played Alter-Ego Chris Gaines on Saturday Night Live 21 Years Ago Today

by Halle Ames

On today’s date, 21-years ago, country music legend Garth Brooks went on Saturday Night Live as his alter ego, Chris Gaines.

Chris Gaines is a character that Brooks was cast to play in a 1999 movie called, ‘The Lamb’. Brooks has an elaborate background for the odd character, as well.

Garth Brooks as His Alter-Ego, Chris Gaines

Gaines is an Australian native, born in 1967, but moved to LA when he was 5-year-old. He dropped out of high school to create a rock group named Crush with his friend Tommy. Crush would play at local bars, however, they eventually struck big and went on tour. The tour was short-lived after Tommy died while flying a plane.

Gaines took the news hard but found a release within his music. The made-up character released ‘Straightjacket,’ a solo album that topped the charts and sold over 12 million copies.

The story continues in great detail, saying that Gaines went bankrupt after settling a contract with his manager. To add more to Gaine’s plate, his make-believe father dies of cancer.

The loss hits the rocker hard and sends him to find pleasure in different ways. In 1992, Gaines released a second album called ‘Fornicopia’. Around the same time, Gaines suffered horrific injuries he sustained in a car crash, leaving him with the need for a lot of plastic surgery.

The artist continues to write music and releases two more albums.

‘Chris Gaines Greatest Hits’

To tease the movie, Brooks released the second album, titled “Chris Gaines Greatest Hits,” which features a goth Garth Brooks in character on the cover in 1999.

On the other hand, the film was never even filmed. In addition to the already weird plot, the movie’s storyline was about a Gaine superfan that tries to figure out the details of his murder.

The rock album, however, made it to the number two position on the Billboard 200 list, but Brooks didn’t write any of the songs on the album. Fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood admitted that “Chris Gaines Greatest Hits” was her favorite album that Brooks has released.

Garth Brooks wore the get-up for an episode of Saturday Night Live, where he starred as the guest host.

In addition, Brooks tried to convince fans that Gaines was a real rocker by creating a music documentary on Gaines’s past. Brooks held onto the unfilmed movie and strange character until about 2002. In 2015 he was asked about Gaines once again and the potential of filming the movie.

“I love the music, and that’s what it’s all about. Would I love to do a second one? Sure. Would I ever drop that much weight again? I don’t think I could.”

According to the Boot, guitar designer Gordon Kennedy went along with the act and created 21 custom Chris Gaines guitars. It even featured a signature from the rock star that Brooks created by signing with his left hand.

In the end, we think that Garth should stick to his real life and his real good country music.

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