Garth Brooks Prepares for Return to Nashville with Amazing Snap Next to Country Icon Chris Ledoux’s New Statue

by Thad Mitchell

At the very top of the music industry food chain is where you will find country music superstar Garth Brooks. He has been there a good while.

There isn’t much in the world of music that Garth Brooks has yet to accomplish. He is one of the top-selling artists across every genre of music. He’s sold more than 170 million albums across the world in his career. With that number, he also ranks up there with the likes of Elvis Pressly and The Beatles in terms of album sales. Not bad a company to be in for the 59-year-old country music singer and songwriter.

Garth Brooks has toured around the world with stops all over the globe where he has also played sold-out venues. He has no intentions of slowing down either, as he has hit the road once again to the delight of country music fans. One of his next stops will be in his beloved state of Tennessee as he is headed to the home of country music. Nashville awaits Garth Brooks as he is set to return to the capital city of Tennessee. He took to social media on Monday to also express his excitement over his return to the music city. It is safe to say that Nashville is equally excited about Garth Brooks coming into town. The country icon also shares a photo of himself near the Chris Ledoux statue that was revealed just recently.

“From Austin City Limits to the Beaches of Cheyenne, let’s take it back to the home of country music!” he says in the tweet. “Nashville, Titan Up!!! love, g.”

Garth Brooks Is Heading To The Home Of Country Music

“Titan Up” is the slogan for NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, who make Nashville their home. The Titans season is also just around the corner as the NFL looks forward to the 2021 season. Smooth move there by Garth Brooks to involve the city’s professional football team in his excitement-laden social media post. This is a man who also knows how to market himself.

Garth Brooks is one of many music artists who are thankful for the return of live music and concerts. He, like every other artist, was forced to basically sit out 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the world. With infection numbers on the decline, pandemic requirements, like social distancing and mask-wearing, are easing. This means that Garth Brooks and all other artists can now go back to doing what they love — playing music for their fans.

Garth Brooks labels himself as a big Chris Ledoux fan. Ledoux was a rodeo champion and country music singer with plenty of other talents. He was on hand for the unveiling of his statue, which features him riding a bull. The statue was unveiled in Ledoux’s hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming at an annual festival.