Garth Brooks Reveals What He Thinks Right Before Walking on Stage to Perform

by Clayton Edwards

Garth Brooks is like a rock star in a cowboy hat and jeans. His live shows are legendary. Every time he hits the stage, Garth gives every ounce of his energy to the fans gathered to see him. As a result, he sells out stadiums around the world. In fact, his upcoming tour stop in Salt Lake City, Utah broke sales records. It was Ticketmaster’s fastest-selling concert in history. They sold 50,000 tickets in under half an hour. Fans are hungry for live music. More specifically, they are hungry to see Garth live.

Recordings of Garth Brooks’ live shows go platinum. So, you can imagine how crazy actually seeing one would be. Brooks pulls out all the stops because he wants to leave a lasting impression. In fact, it would be fair to say that his entire goal when hitting the stage is to wring every bit of energy out of his audience. That would make the live experience an equal give-and-take for Brooks and his fans.

In a recent installment of Inside Studio G, a fan asked Garth Brooks what he thinks about right before he walks on the stage. With a huge stadium tour kicking off in just a few days, Garth has probably been thinking about that moment more than anyone. He took a moment to discuss what goes through his mind.

What Does Garth Brooks Think About Before Hitting the Stage?

Harold said that he is going to see Garth Brooks in Nashville at the end of this month. First, he expressed his excitement about seeing Garth for the first time. Then, he asked, “What goes through your mind moments before you hit the stage?”

Garth Brooks had about the best answer possible. “I am my father’s son, Harold and my dad was the ultimate realist. It’s just not wanting to disappoint. I think that’s it.”

He went on to say, “I know you go out there thinking, ‘Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!’” However, Garth really thinks about it being his one chance to impress some of his fans. For instance, he points out that it’s Harold’s first time seeing him. It may also be the last time. So, Garth wants to make it count. He wants everyone to have the best concert experience possible. After all, tickets aren’t cheap. He wants everyone to get their money’s worth.

To sum it up Garth Brooks referenced his song, “The Old Stuff.” In the first verse of that song, he sings, “I said a little prayer tonight before I came on stage. / I came walking past the drivers and the locals on the union wage. / I asked the Good Lord up in Heaven, let me treat the music right. / Then, I prayed that Detroit goes wild tonight.”