Garth Brooks Stresses Being ‘Over-the-Top Careful’ as He, Other Musicians Go Back on Tour

by Jonathan Howard

While the return to live music and shows is exciting, there is a need for caution. Just ask Garth Brooks. The country music star has encouraged fans to have ‘patience’ and be ‘over-the-top careful’ as shows return during the pandemic. The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour has been selling out stadiums across the country. With the Delta variant of COVID-19 running rampant across much of the United States, the fight against the virus is just as serious as it has ever been.

For country star Garth Brooks, that means looking at cases in areas and weighing the risks of performing while the Delta variant continues to infect thousands. Brooks sees the battle against the virus as the same as war, “You have to divide the enemy to defeat them, and this virus has us divided,” Brooks explained to People, “My thing is just patience. You have to listen and be over-the-top-careful. Hopefully, you’ll never retreat that.”

There has been more than just talk from Brooks as far as safety concerns go. At an upcoming show in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium, a COVID-19 vaccination clinic will be setup on the same day as Brooks’ show. That is being done in conjunction with the Kansas City Chiefs. Brooks had sold out the stadium, and admits that the clinic isn’t his idea. However, he gives credit to the state of Kansas for getting it done.

The Friends in Low Places singer is leading the way with his tour. The size of the tour is rivaled by very few in 2021. For the top-selling artist in country music, leading the way is the norm. Brooks gives a ton of credit to his longtime tour promoted Ben Farrell. Farrell takes great care in booking Brooks, sometimes three years ahead of time.

Garth Brooks, Vaccinated and Touring

With the size and scope of the tour, rescheduling dates have been hard, but Ben Farrell has made it work. Wedging in rescheduled shows between dates is part of everyday tasks. To ensure the tour goes off without any issues internally, Brooks and his entire team are vaccinated. The tour has guidelines to keep everyone safe.

So, Garth Brooks isn’t just talking safety. In fact, Brooks follows the state guidelines wherever he plays and takes great care to keep things civil. There is usually a video that plays asking those in attendance to respect those wearing masks, and those not. He says, “We’re all coming down from this at our own speed. I hope people can come [to a concert] and let it all go.”

Brooks knows that the reality of the situation means his tour might not stay on track. If the time comes when lockdowns are needed again to help prevent spread, Brooks claims he will “stand down again.” The country star lamented the importance of keeping together. “We’ll pull together and survive this year if everything shuts down [again].”

Garth Brooks will play in Kansas City, Missouri this Saturday, August 7th at 7:00 PM. From there, The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour heads to Lincoln, Nebraska with over 86,000 tickets sold in 75 minutes. That show will be the first music event held at Memorial Stadium since 1987.