Garth Brooks Teases Surprise ‘Fun’ Album Duet ‘That Will Blow Your Mind’

by Hunter Miller

Garth Brooks is ramping up the anticipation for his new “Fun” album due later this month. The “Friends in Low Places” hitmaker revealed that one of the duets on the record should have country music fans going wild.

During an interview with, Brooks hinted at the collaboration. “Oh, ‘legend’ doesn’t even start to cover this one,” Brooks said. He then says the featured artist “will blow your mind.”

The 58-year-old country icon continued by adding: “It was my honor every second. If you’re a country music fan, you love this artist.”

Previously, Brooks revealed two superstar guests on his album. Firstly, he tapped Blake Shelton to sing along with him on “Dive Bar.” Secondly, Brooks released a duet with his wife, country star Trisha Yearwood.

Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Release ‘Shallow’ Cover

Brooks and Yearwood collaborated on a cover of “Shallow” for his new album, the hit song featured in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born. They chose to release a recorded version of the song after doing an impromptu cover of the tune during a social media live stream.

According to the Grammy winner, his and Yearwood’s version of “Shallow” brings something different to the table for listeners than that of Cooper and pop star Lady Gaga.

“The trick on this was not to try and compete with their record at all. It was, ‘How do you make a great song your own?’ And the answer to that is, a song that is written great becomes who’s ever singing it,” he said. “I love our version — it’s like us. And the difference between Bradley Cooper and Gaga’s version and ours is they were acting like they were in love … This was really simple to do.”

In addition to speaking out about his coming album, Garth Brooks has also reflected on some of his major hits in recent weeks. Earlier this month, he opened up about the success of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” while speaking with songwriter Kent Blazy. Watch here.

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