WATCH: George Jones and Daughter Tamala Beautifully Duet in Throwback Clip

by Will Shepard

George Jones was a country music icon during his time and still today. One of the most memorable moments of his musical career was a moment on stage with his daughter performing “Daddy Come Home.”

It is not a common sight to see children singing with their parents on stage during a live show. But, in this show, George Jones got his daughter, Tamala Georgette Jones, to sing with him. It is certainly a moment that she will never forget. She also definitely has her dad’s musical talent.

As you watch the video of the performance, you can tell just how meaningful the show is for both George Jones and his daughter. The two have incredible chemistry that only a father and daughter could have.

George Jones and His Daughter’s Duet

Even though there are family bands that consist of siblings or full families, these two stand almost alone. It is a once in a lifetime moment for Tamala and George Jones.

As George Jones begins the song, he takes a moment to introduce his daughter. He is certainly excited to show her off to the crowd, and he is definitely incredibly proud of her.

“It is not unknown that Tammy Wynette and I are married at one time. We have a beautiful, young daughter aged 10, and I’d like to introduce her to you right now. We would like to do a song together that we just recorded.”

As George Jones’ daughter walks out on the stage, the audience erupts into applause. Then, the two begin to sing, and the crowd continues to cheer.

Tamala Jones’ mother, Tammy, looked on in the audience. She was very emotional during the performance, it even looks like she has tears in her eyes. Their duet serves as a powerful reminder that even though George Jones and Tammy had their problems, the bond of their daughter is more powerful than anything else.

George Jones’ daughter was born in 1970. Throughout her career, she has made a name for herself. After finishing school, she became a registered nurse and worked doing that for 17 years. But, she is also a country singer in her own right.