George Strait Celebrates ‘National Tequila Day’ With Special Message to Fans

by Thad Mitchell

In case you missed it, yesterday (Saturday, July 24) was “National Tequilla Day” and country music superstar George Strait was among those celebrating.

There is never a bad time to celebrate tequila but Saturday is the day set aside to bask in the adult beverage’s glory. George Strait certainly enjoys a good tequila and took time out of his day for his own celebration. He took the party to social media on Saturday to encourage everyone to enjoy the joys of tequila responsibly. Judging by the response to the Instagram post, it is safe to several country music fans did exactly that. In his social media post, Strait includes a brief video and gives “cheers” to his many fans and followers.

“Happy National Tequila Day from George Strait and codigo1530!” the social media post proclaims.

In the brief video, George Strait offers up a toast to his fellow tequila drinkers. The favor is returned by several country music fans who wish Straight a happy “holiday.”

“Hey Everybody! George Strait here,” he says to begin the nine-second clip. “I just want to say Happy National Tequila Day from me and Codigo 1530. Hasta La Cruz.”

He then raises his glass to all of his fans and social media followers. A very classy move by King of Country Music.

George Strait Fans Return the Favor

As most of his social media posts do, his Saturday afternoon video took in a lot of attention from his enormous fan base.

“You sure are George Strait,” a fan writes. “Love all your songs. They get me through tough days. Thanks for the music. You have a great gift. Love always.”

“Happy Tequila Day George!” another Strait fan writes. Miss Your music and concerts and award show appearances. Hope all is well.”

Seeing the King of Country on social media is nothing new these days as the 69-year-old country legend frequent Instagram and Twitter. Since he isn’t on the road as much as he’s been in the past, George Strait has found social media to be an excellent medium to interact with his fan base. Via his “Honky Tonk Hangout” page, Strait often holds contests in which fans can win prizes. His contests are very popular among his robust and loyal fan base.

The song “Código” appears on his latest studio album “Honky Tonk Time Machine” as the seventh track. The song is an ode to the brand of tequila that bears the same name. The album was released in early 2019 by MCA Records. The first single off the studio album “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” was released in February that year.

In the event that you missed National Tequila Day yesterday, you have a nice post-celebration today. George Strait certainly won’t mind it.