George Strait Embodies a ‘Troubadour’ in New Stunning Horseback Pic

by Jonathan Howard

George Strait will always stay true to his country roots. In a recent Twitter post, the country music legend shared a photo that looked right out of his 2008 single, “Troubadour.” The photo featured Strait on top of a chestnut brown horse with his trademark stare off into the distance. The snap was taken by Tony Andrew, and is captioned with lyrics from the classic song.

The song shares the story of a man who is aging, but not old quite yet. While he can still do all the things he used to do as a young man, time is still taking its toll. George Strait is the King of Country music and his 60 #1 songs over his career are just a glimpse of the whole story. One of the hardest parts of growing up is getting old and the song embodies that with every lyric.

When Strait was a 40-year old man he looked 25, but that doesn’t mean he can’t relate to getting old. Leslie Satcher and Monty Holmes teamed up to help write the song and Strait took it to the top-10 of the charts.

While it didn’t receive quite the same amount of success as other songs, it is one of the most memorable of the last 15-years. “Troubadour” climbed to 7th on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in September of 2008. The RIAA certified the song Gold and the rest has been history.

George Strait Shares Pic

Recently, George Strait released Honky Tonk Time Machine in 2019. He has also been promoting his upcoming shows. “Troubadour” is an anthem to hard-working people all over. It is one of his more popular releases of the 2000s and one that apparently means a lot to Strait. At 69-years-old, one has to wonder if he sometimes feels 25 still while traveling and playing shows.

Recently it was announced that George Strait would be in a celebration of Charley Pride by CMT. The special celebration is going to include tributes and stories from Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and of course Strait. That generation of country music artists were the young bucks to Pride once upon a time and are now the aging, older artists themselves. Each generation of country music gives its lessons to the next and vice versa.

For now, the country music star seems focused on playing shows with friends in the industry. At this point, he can pick and choose whatever he feels like doing. Meanwhile, George Strait has shows planned with some familiar names as well as new artists of this generation.

There really isn’t a better song to encapsulate the moment Strait is in his career than “Troubadour” and the lyrics he shared show just that. He rode in on a song (plenty of them actually) as a young man and while he isn’t gone quite yet, he is still a troubadour even if he is older.