George Strait Just Landed 18 New Gold and Platinum Certifications from the RIAA

by Clayton Edwards

They call George Strait the King of Country Music for a reason. By the numbers, he’s one of the most successful artists in the genre. He has launched 60 singles to the top of the Billboard and Mediabase charts combined. Strait has sold tens of millions of albums. When he steps onstage, he’s always looking out at a sold-out crowd. Additionally, he has a whole stack of Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum-selling albums and singles. Recently that stack got even taller. Earlier this month, Strait landed eighteen brand-new certifications from the RIAA.

You read that correctly. George Strait landed more certifications in one day than most artists do in their entire career. The RIAA expanded the King’s coffers with a hoard of precious metal on July 15th. All of the new certifications are for singles that he has released over the years. Some of these might be shocking to longtime listeners.

George Strait Earns 3 Double-Platinum Singles

Let’s start at the top of the stack. George Strait received three new Double-Platinum certifications for some of his best-known singles.

“Give It All We Got Tonight” is now 2x Platinum. George Strait released it as the first single from his 2012 album Love Is Everything. Co-written by Tim James, Mark Bright, and Phil O’Donnell, “Give It All We Got Tonight” is the perfect summer love song.

“Troubadour” and “Carrying Your Love with Me” also received 2x Platinum certifications this month. These are a little more surprising. If you were going to put together a ranked list of George Strait singles, these would have to fall near the top. It just feels like these singles should’ve sold 2 million copies a long time ago.

“Troubadour” Live at Gruene Hall

Freshly-Minted Platinum Discs Fit for a King

George Strait received six Platinum certifications on July 15th. We won’t dig into tall of them. However, I do want to point out that “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” just went Platinum. Strait released this iconic song in August of 1996. It was the third single from the album Blue Clear Sky. The fact that this timeless tune just now broke a million sales is downright mind-boggling.

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne” Live from the Astrodome

George Strait’s Other Platinum Singles as of 7/15/2022

  • “Love Without End, Amen”
  • “Write This Down”
  • “The Chair”
  • “I Got a Car”
  • “Give It Away”

Strait Strikes Gold Nine Times

In order to receive a Gold certification from the RIAA, a single or album has to sell 500,000 units. George Strait landed nine new Gold singles earlier this month. This list of singles is a mixed bag. Some of these singles are newer and some, like “Ocean Front Property” are certified country classics.

  • “Ocean Front Property”
  • “Run”
  • “Carried Away”
  • “The Fireman”
  • “She’ll Leave You with a Smile”
  • “It Just Comes Natural”
  • “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”
  • “Easy Come, Easy Go”
  • “How About Them Cowgirls”
“Ocean Front Property”