George Strait Plays Tiny Guitar in a Candid Photo We All Need Framed

by Shelby Scott

The King of country music is no stranger to a variety of instruments. His most recent Tweet features the album cover off of his 26th studio album, Twang. Fans of modern George Strait are much more used to his subdued appearances and classic country sounds. Nevertheless, we all need, and love, a little redneck in our country music. Mr. George Strait epitomizes that on his 2009 album cover, with his lips parted, tongue partially out, sporting a tiny little guitar to top it off.

According to, Strait’s album Twang landed No. 1 on America’s country and pop charts when it debuted on August 11, 2009. Marking his 26th studio album, the King was already 28 years into his reign in country music at the time. And, unsurprisingly, he’s still putting out new music and collecting new fans along the way today.

Additionally, the publication said that Strait’s Twang marked the fourth time one of his releases crossed over to the Billboard 200. His first appearance on the crossover chart took place with his 1997 album, Carrying Your Love With Me. Interestingly, with the release of Twang, the outlet said the event was supported by a Houston live show which featured now-iconic country stars, Sugarland and Blake Shelton.

George Strait’s ‘Twang’ is Unique Compared to His Usual Style

Plenty of country artists have spent a lot of time incorporating a more upbeat, twangy sound to their music. Some more modern examples include artists such as Toby Kieth, Justin Moore, and Big & Rich. Big & Rich frequently featured country-hip-hop artist Cowboy Troy earlier in their career. Above all, it’s he who provides that twanging sound in combination with more classic hip-hop styles.

In a 2009 PopMatters article, writer Dave Heaton provided a description of Strait’s song “Twang,” calling it a tribute to twang and real country music. The song plays on at a faster pace than the king’s usual, more ballad-y style. This sets it apart from other songs on the album among other previous releases. Overall, George Strait’s “Twang” takes country music fans back to a simpler time in the genre, when all we needed was a cold beer and a good time.

While the legendary country artist is spending today celebrating the anniversary of his Twang album release, yesterday, August 10, saw the Strait celebrating another anniversary. On August 10, 1996, George Strait’s hit song “Carried Away” reached No. 1 on country charts. It then remained in that spot for three weeks.

That next year, Strait then released “Carrying Your Love With Me,” which also eventually made its way to the top of the charts.

A Country Weekly article once called George Strait “the pinnacle of country music,” labeling the star as “country music’s Frank Sinatra.” After so many No. 1 singles, multitudes of hit albums, and decades upon decades of collecting crowds of fans, we couldn’t help but agree.