George Strait Schools Fans on ‘Cowboy 101’ With Epic Roping-and-Riding Rodeo Pic

by Jonathan Howard

While we all know George Strait is the King of Country, many don’t know how much he can back up his rodeo and horse riding lyrics. On Instagram, Strait had to remind everyone that he used to get in on the action on the saddle. He has shared some great photos and memories with fans on social media recently and likely has a treasure chest of others to put out in the future.

There were times fans of George Strait could see him perform in the ring and on stage at the same event. The Amarillo By Morning artist doesn’t just talk in those songs. Strait has the experience on horseback and with a lasso to prove it. Thankfully, he took the time to remind fans.

With a little lesson in “Cowboy 101” Strait looks absolutely focused in the photo. There aren’t many artists that can do both nowadays. At 69-years old, Strait still rides around on a horse every now and then. However, his days ropin’ and ridin’ in the ring like that are likely behind him. The King keeps it going on the stage though.

With COVID-19 restrictions dialing back in some areas over the year, Strait and other artists have got back on the horse so to speak. However, while shows are starting to be more common, that doesn’t mean they can’t be canceled. Look no further than Garth Brooks’ stadium tour. The “Friends in Low Places” singer says he is rethinking his recent tour given spikes in COVID cases in some areas across the country.

George Strait Ropes and Rides on IG

Fans loved the post and shared well-wishes and other thoughts throughout the comments. While reading through the comments, the love for Strait and the music he created is evident. The realness of Strait comes through in photos like the one posted Thursday.

George Strait last released an album back in 2019. Honky Tonk Time Machine would have likely been promoted all last year, but due to the pandemic, that rollout was delayed. Now, Strait is promoting that album while out on tour. Upcoming shows include stints in Las Vegas and a trip down through Austin, Texas.

Fans that want to see Strait should get tickets when possible. The King does not play many shows and they usually sell out fast. With live music being a rarity, even now, tickets are a real commodity. Meanwhile, the throwback pics are going to likely keep coming. With as many events Strait has been a part of and with all the one-liner lyrics, there is a never-ending supply of Instagram posts to be made.