Granger Smith Says Son Lincoln ‘Can’t Get Enough’ of New Baby Brother Maverick in Sweet Photos

by Jonathan Howard

With shows all through September, Granger Smith took the time to slow down and spend some time with his children. He shared a great pic of his son Lincoln, 7, and Maverick, the 1-week-old baby brother. Smith and wife Amber welcomed their youngest son into the world back on August 20th.

The Backroad Song singer took to Instagram to share a great family moment. “Linc can’t get enough of his baby brother! Mav doesn’t know him yet…but he will,” the post reads.

Showing that there is nothing better than brotherly love, Granger Smith was a proud dad in his post. His oldest son, Lincoln is apparently obsessed with his new little bro.

“There’s a lot happening in the world right now. These kids were born for a time such as this. It’s our job to equip them with enough integrity, resilience, strength, love, and fear of God before they inherit the keys to this world.” Smith shared these words of wisdom on the post. He takes being a father very seriously and made that clear at the end of the post.

“I see no greater challenge, no greater responsibility, no greater honor and no greater reward. What an opportunity!” Granger Smith finished.

Granger Smith on Tour

For fans of Granger Smith, you can catch him out on tour soon. Starting in September he will be playing a number of shows throughout the month and into the fall. There haven’t been too many hiccups in the tour so far for Smith, but there is one show that has been canceled.

The September 2nd tour date in Minden Nevada has been canceled. That show would have taken place at the Carson Valley Inn. Due to the fires out west, that show is not going to be possible with the spread of the fires and the air quality. There have been other shows, such as a Dierks Bentley tour date that have been canceled due to the raging fires.

However, there will be chances to see him out west. He is will play the Oregon State Fair and afterward the Lake County Fair and Rodeo in Lakeview, OR. His week will be finished up at the Twin Falls County Fair in Filer, Idaho on September 5th. After that, it is a tour through the midwest as he makes his way further east later in the month.

Later in the fall and into the winter, Granger Smith will be back out west with dates going through November and into December. If fans want to catch him on stage, there are plenty of chances to do so. There is even an international tour date. Smith will hop over the border to Canada for his last show in September. Check his site for all dates and locations.