Gwen Stefani Shares Hilarious Video of Her and Blake Shelton’s ‘Clingy Pet’

by Thad Mitchell

Though we are only a month into 2021, it has already been a big year for power couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Stefani’s newest hit single “Let me Reintroduce Myself” is doing quite well on the charts after its release. The first single off of her new upcoming studio album was released in December with the music video released on New Year’s Day. Both the single and its music video have received much acclaim.

Blake Shelton also has new music out with a new single called “Minimum Wage” that is also doing well on country charts. Like his fiance, Shelton will also have a new album out to the public in the near future.

The music industry powerhouse couple will also tie the knot this year, though an exact date is not yet known.

Despite the differences in their musical style, Shelton and Stefani go together like peanut butter and jelly. Though one is “a little bit country” and the other “a little bit Rock n Roll,” they pull it off nicely with a storybook romance.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Thrive at making Each Other Laugh

One of the many reasons the duo has a successful relationship is the robust personalities and sense of humor they each have. Both of them use social media to promote their music but also to get a laugh out of their fans and each other. Whether it’s Gwen photoshopping Blake’s face onto a baby or Blake teasing Gwen, the couple knows how to make each other laugh.

On Monday, it was Stefani’s turn to get humorous on social media. She put a video of Shelton’s dog, Betty, napping on her bed.

“We luv ya Betty,” she writes in the post’s caption space. She also humorously refers to the dog as “clingy” toward Shelton.

Shelton and Stefani first met while serving as judges on the reality television competition show “The Voice.” Though starting off as friends, the couple would embark on a five-year courtship culminating with Shelton’s proposal last year. Though they don’t have a wedding date yet, but they do have a location. They plan to wed in a small ceremony at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch.