Hank Williams Jr. is Ready for Elk Chili in Epic New Hunting Photo

by Michael Freeman

Country music star Hank Williams Jr. is a man of many talents. Singing and songwriting are a few obvious ones, but he also enjoys hunting. In fact, a recent photo he shared shows an impressive elk he bagged and is ready to make into chili.

Sharing the pic a few hours ago on Twitter, Williams apparently nailed the elk from 300 yards away. He’s clearly proud of the kill and it’s easy to see why, given the size of the monster beside him.

“A Country Boy Can Survive.” Got this one from 300 Yards! A cow elk is the BEST for eating. Elk chili on a cold day anyone?” the tweet reads. The “A Country Boy Can Survive” line refers to one of his songs of the same name. In it, he details things “country boys” often do, one of which is that “we can skin a buck.” With an elk that size, it’s appropriate to say he can and will survive for some time.

Hank Williams Jr.’s followers are all rightfully impressed, with many lamenting the fact they won’t get to try his chili. Others chimed in with their own tales or dishes they enjoy.

“Love elk. Tried some bison for the first time last spring. I bought a sirloin and grilled it while I was vacationing in Wyoming. That steak was unbelievably good!!” one follower wrote. “Yes Sir! I think I would rather have Biscuits, Fried Back strap, and Gravy though! But yep Elk chili is some good stuff! Need some feral pigs? I got plenty if ya wanna harvest a few? Here in Central Texas!” said another.

I was already hungry before seeing the elk and the comments, but now some elk chili would really hit the spot.

Hank Williams Jr. is Also a Great Fisherman

Hunting and fishing go hand in hand, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear Hank Williams Jr. also enjoys fishing. On that note, he managed to land a whopper on Labor Day weekend.

Also posting the catch to Twitter, he captions the picture with “Fishing in Minnesota. Happy Labor Day weekend!'” Considering the fish in the picture is more than half his size, I think it’s safe to say he had a great weekend himself.

Coincidentally enough, his followers also mentioned A Country Boy Can Survive and noted the lyrics “I can catch catfish from dusk ’til dawn (Yeah).” Though his followers congratulated him on the catch, most seemed to be curious about which Minnesota lake he was on, as well as the bait he used.

One follower tells him to “soak it in salt with a touch of the vasonic vinegar! Then add some more fresh herbs to it, cook it up in some white wine.”

I’m trying not to drool on the keyboard, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.