Happy Birthday Maren Morris: Celebrating the Country Superstar’s 31st

by Will Shepard

On April 10, 1990, a country music superstar was born. Today, Maren Morris is celebrating her 31st birthday. She will undoubtedly do so in style, as she does with most everything in her life.

The country music superstar burst into the world of music in 2016 with her single “My Church.” But, her musical career began much earlier than that. In fact, when Maren Morris was just twelve years old, her father bought her first guitar. She instantly fell in love with music and knew that was the career she wanted.

Her song “My Church” did incredibly well during the award season. She was nominated for six awards across the Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, and British Country Music Association Awards. Maren Morris took home the CMA Award for Best New Artist for the song. She also won Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards for her break out tune.

Maren Morris and Her Incredible Musical Accomplishments

In 2005, she released her first studio album, Walk On. Maren Morris released this album eleven years before her first hit single on June 14.

Her next album release was on October 22, 2007, entitled All That it Takes. However, before all of this, she did her best to earn her big break through competitions.

Maren Morris did all she could to get onto a variety of televised music shows. She auditioned to be on American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent. But, somehow, she was rejected by each of the shows, never getting past the audition stage.

Nonetheless, she forged on with her musical career. It is safe to say that she has proven the music shows incredibly wrong for not choosing her to be a part of those shows.

In total, Maren Morris has been nominated for over 100 musical awards in her career. She has been nominated for 12 Grammy Awards since 2016, winning just once for “My Church.”

With all of her musical recognition, Morris may consider another accomplishment as her top honor: becoming a Mom. She and her husband, country singer Ryan Hurd, welcomed their son Hayes Andrew Hurd in 2020.

To celebrate her birthday, Hurd took to Instagram to share a pic of them with a heartwarming message.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MM! It’s been a hell of a year, but you are an incredible mom, partner, artist, and you make my life better every day. I am always proud of you and I love watching you make music and live the life we get to live together. Cake! Margaritas! HOORAY!” he captioned the post.