Here’s What Loretta Lynn Thought About Willie Nelson When They First Met

by Clayton Edwards

It seems like everybody loves Willie Nelson. Even if they aren’t fans of his music, his laid-back personality wins them over. Watch any interview with Willie and you’ll see that he seems like the most easy-going and easy to chat with guy in the business. Among the long list of people who consider Nelson a friend is the country icon, Loretta Lynn.

In a short video promoting her 2016 album “Full Circle,” Loretta Lynn discussed meeting Willie for the first time. During the clip, Lynn talks about her first impressions of the Red-Headed Stranger. She said, “When I first came to Nashville, I met Willie. We did some shows together when I first came to Nashville. I thought he was one of the most handsomest men I’d ever seen.”

Willie Nelson left such an impression on a young Loretta Lynn that she still remembers what he was wearing when they met. With a smile, Lynn recalled,  “He had this suit on, ya know? A business suit. And his hair was brass, the color of brass, and his eyes was the same color. Of course, it was short hair. I mean, he was a handsome guy.” To be fair, a young Willie Nelson in a business suit does sound like it would make a lasting impression.

Over the years, Willie’s image has changed. He’s gone from business suits to something between a hippie and a cowboy. While Willie’s look might have changed, Loretta Lynn’s opinion on him hasn’t. She said,  “He’s still handsome… I love Willie I don’t care if he’s got hair clear down to the floor.”

Loretta Lynn Makes Beautiful Music With Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn have been friends for years. As she said in the video, they did shows together in the early days of her career. Lynn even shared the stage with Willie at Farm Aid back in 1985. The one thing the pair had never done was cut a track together.

Both artists have done amazing duets over the course of their long careers. Yet, they never stepped into the studio together. In 2016, they decided to change that. Loretta Lynn invited Willie to share the song “Lay Me Down” with her for the “Full Circle” album. The result was a beautiful and somber duet.

In the song, Lynn and Nelson trade verses about the trials and tribulations of life. In the chorus, they come together and sing about knowing that they will find peace in death. When they travel to the great beyond, they know they’ll finally be able to rest easy. “When they lay me down someday/ My soul will rise and fly away/ This old world will turn around/ I’ll be at peace when then lay me down.”

They waited decades to finally record a song together. The fact that “Lay Me Down,” sees the two well-aged legends accepting their inevitable end makes the whole thing that much more special. Do yourself a favor and give the song a listen.