Jason Aldean’s ‘Arachnophobia’ on Display As Wife Brittany Scares Him in Latest Instagram Post

by Jon D. B.

For those who didn’t know, you do now – Jason Aldean is absolutely terrified of spiders – and his wife loves to torture him with them.

“I love taking advantage of his arachnophobia,” Brittany Aldean starts off. In her latest Instagram post, she does just that to husband and country icon Jason Aldean. The two have a bubbly, hilariously playful relationship – and this footage of her pranking her hubby personifies just that.

Within, Brittany films as the family watches television. She’s all cozy up next to Jason on the couch – when she mumbles “oh my God” and mimics a spider crawling up his side to his neck. Without hesitation, Aldean freaks out and jumps forward – expletives included.

Jason, however, has a great sense of humor about his arachnophobia. Or so it seems. He begins laughing through his fear with the family before slamming some more Cheez-Its.

“Gonna make me break my d*mn leg,” Aldean smirks. And that’s only the first clip.

In addition, Brittany includes a second clip in which she hides her camera in their closet. Jason is inside looking for an outfit when Brittany enters with a small white box. She offers it to her husband, who slides the lid open. Clearly – there is a spider within – because Aldean jumps right out of his skin. His terror turns to a smile as a result of his humor, but Brittany clearly has his fears pegged and loves teasing the big guy.

Not All Fun & Games For Brittany & Jason Aldean

Meanwhile, Brittany can get rather heated on Instagram. In a recent Instagram story, Brittany began slamming Democrats for “hypocritical behavior.”

Her reaction comes in response to Democrats consistently criticizing Donald Trump – Brittany’s chosen political candidate – for holding rallies with thousands of people amidst the pandemic.

“So it’s ok to gather by the thousands to celebrate in the street right now, but you can’t have a concert,” she says on Instagram. “What if we call it a celebration?”

Within, Aldean also reveals she did indeed supported Trump in the 2020 election. She is shown wearing a TRUMP shirt, before sharing a cartoon of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris pushing Joe Biden off a cliff. This intense political cartoon comes from theorists who claim Harris will “displace the president” during his first term in office.

“I will continue to speak. For the people who message me and aren’t able (for fear of losing business or friends),” she continues. “It is disgusting to me that ‘Freedom of Speech’ applies to everyone but Republicans.”

For more from Brittany & Jason Aldean on the matter, we’ve got you covered.

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